The Mathematical Association of America
Maryland-District of Columbia-Virginia Section

Talks Given at Section Meetings, 2017-present

Section Meeting 198: Frostburg State University, April 28-29, 2017
Invited Addresses
  1. FAIL: A Mathematician's Apology
    Laura Taalman, James Madison University
  2. A Voyager from the Fourth Dimension
    Paul Humke, St. Olaf College and Washington & Lee University
  3. Frosting Fairness, Finally!
    Alissa Crans, Loyola Marymount University
    How to Use as Much Inquiry as You're Comfortable with in Your Calculus Class
    Cassie Williams, James Madison University
    Amy Ksir, United States Naval Academy
    Mitch Keller, Washington and Lee University
Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) Workshop for Students:
    A Magical Number
    Alissa Crans, Loyola Marymount University
  1. Fighting Alternative Facts: Teaching Quantitative Reasoning with Social Issues
    Mark Branson, Stevenson University
  2. Who Needs Standard Reference Tables on Demand?
    Bonita Saunders, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
  3. A Brief Geometrical Tour of Artificial Gravity in a Rotating Space Station
    Frank Barnet, Frostburg State University
  4. Smithsonian Learning Lab: An Introduction
    Amy Shell-Gellasch, Montgomery College
  5. The Geometry of Voting Theory: Root Systems and Reversal Symmetry
    Prasad Senesi, The Catholic University of America
  6. The Euclidean States of America: Geometry's Influence on Lincoln
    Edwin O'Shea, James Madison University
  7. Field Report: Students as Instructors of Mathematics, Creators of Community
    Elizabeth Brown, James Madison University
    Haley Dewey, James Madison University
    Aaron Fowlkes, James Madison University
    Jonathan Gerhard, James Madison University
    Richie Holden, James Madison University
    Sophie Mancini, James Madison University
    Alison Sall, James Madison University
    Cameron Stopak, James Madison University
    Nicole Sutherland, James Madison University
  8. Ten Mathematical Landmarks, 1967–2017Ten Mathematical Landmarks, 1967-2017
    Bud Brown, Virginia Tech
  9. Town Hall Research Projects in Introductory Statistics
    Jessica OShaughnessy, Shenandoah University
  10. Application of Cycle-Free Graphs for Data Security in Large Distributed Systems
    Abdinur Ali, Norfolk State University
  11. Use Calculus to Investigate Price Yield Function
    Ming Fang, Norfolk State University
  12. Polynomial Equations and Tangents
    Jim Blowers, Retired Independent Mathematician
  13. The Saga of the Hardest Logic Puzzle Ever
    Jason Rosenhouse, James Madison University
  14. Curing the High DFW Rate in First Year Calculus
    David Taylor, Roanoke College
    Hannah Robbins, Roanoke College
  15. Fisher's Information
    Laxman Hegde, Frostburg State University
  16. Game of Stones: Knight's Tour
    Dan Kalman, American University
    Donna Dietz, American University
    John Nolan, American University
  17. Quick and Easy Random Groups
    Justin Dunmyre, Frostburg State University
  18. Evaluation of Euler Sums by Euler's Beta Function
    Hongwei Chen, Christopher Newport University
  19. Sports Referees and Cognitive Illusions
    Roland Minton, Roanoke College
  20. "Dangers" and Surprises of Secret Gift-Giving Games
    Donna Dietz, American University
  21. Following Richard Guy — Treats from a Triangle's Orthocentric System's Fermat-Torricelli Points!
    G. Gerard Wojnar, Frostburg State University
  22. Finding the Right Foundation: Three Methods for Basis Generation in the Reduced Basis Method
    Rachel Grotheer, Goucher College
  23. Getting an Assist: Artificial Intelligence in Mathematics
    Randall E. Cone, Salisbury University
  24. The Pythagorean Comma
    Ray Cheng, Old Dominion University
Undergraduate Student Papers
  1. A Mathematical Analysis of Languages
    Gerald de Jesus Roman-Gonzalez, Stevenson University
  2. Crossing Numbers of Complete Bipartite Graphs
    Skyler Layton, Shenandoah University
  3. A Different MGM: Movies, Graphs, and Math
    Dani Harris, Longwood University
  4. An Attempt at Undergraduate Research in Combinatorial Game Theory
    Taraneh Kelishadi, Montgomery College
  5. Quantum Computing: Constructing Quantum Error Correcting Codes via Python
    Nicholas Tuck, Shenandoah University
  6. Mathematically Mitigating Risk and Optimizing Returns
    Jacob Mathews, Montgomery College
  7. The Flag Counting Problem for Partition Lattices
    Trevor Karn, United State Naval Academy
  8. Perspectives on Boolean Algebra
    Aranje Sripanjalingam, Montgomery College
  9. JMU COMAP: The Kariba Dam
    Volkan Bakirdan, James Madison University
    Ben Rhodes, James Madison University
  10. Perspective of a Calculus Student: A Fluid Mechanic Model
    El Hadji Ibrahima Ndiaye, Montgomery College
  11. Artificial Intelligence Research on Type One Diabetes Data Using Statistical Software Package R
    Chelsey Clement, Salisbury University
  12. Building an Automatic License Plate Reader Using Geometric Comparisons
    Amanda Shultz, Shenandoah University
Student Poster Session
  1. Modeling Commercialization of Crop Varieties and Predicting Market Success
    Emily Adams, Virginia Military Institute
  2. Cayley and Frobenius Characters in an Equation: An investigation into the Solution of the Cayley-Hermite Problem
    Jaclyn Bealer, Hood College
  3. Optimizing Airport Security Throughput
    Joseph Bobay, Virginia Military Institute
    Henry Wiswall, Virginia Military Institute
  4. Evaluating and Planning Smart Cities
    Jonathan Chu, Virginia Military Institute
    Trey Chapman, Virginia Military Institute
  5. The Jesuits and Chinese Mathematics: 17th Century Contacts
    Joseph Fawley, Hood College
  6. Black Math: An Investigation of the Under Appreciation of African American in the 20th Century
    Sarah Hood, Hood College
  7. Sustainable Cities Needed!
    Yu-Hsiang Liu , Virginia Military Institute
    Shang Cheng Su, Virginia Military Institute
  8. Crossing Numbers of Complete Bipartite Graphs
    Skyler Layton, Shenandoah University
  9. Singular Value Decomposition and its Applications
    Sophie Mancini, James Madison University
    Unyoung Park, James Madison University
  10. TSA Optimization
    Zachary Melvin, Virginia Military Institute
    Mike van Duinen, Virginia Military Institute
  11. To Infinity and Beyond: An Analysis of the Struggle to Approach Infinity
    Joshua McPherson, Hood College
  12. Investigating the Effects of Self-Driving Cars on Traffic Flow
    Amber Ngo, Salisbury University
    Andrea Carmack, Salisbury University
  13. Integer Sequences Characterized by Certain Summation Identities
    Sarah Risinger, Christopher Newport University
  14. The Divergence of Mathematics and Physics: How Physics Developed Out of France
    Timothy Taylor, Hood College
  15. Utilizations of Queuing Theory and Digraphs for More Efficient Merging in Tollways
    Amy Vennos, Salisbury University
    Adam Jump, Salisbury University
  16. Direct Product of Directed Semi-Cycles
    Pengrui Wang, Washington and Lee University
  17. A Mathematical Perspective of Neo-Riemannian Transformations
    Matthew Welte, McDaniel College

Section Meeting 199: Christopher Newport University, Nov 17-18, 2017
Invited Addresses
  1. The Power of Mathematics Teaching in the Age of Alternative Facts
    David Kung, St. Mary's College of Maryland
  2. The Geometry of Cubes
    Francis Su, Harvey Mudd College
  3. Revisiting what Euler and the Bernoullis Knew about Convergent Infinite Series
    James Sellers, Penn State University
    The MAA's Instructional Practices Guide: Making Use of a New Resource
    Elizabeth Burroughs, Montana State University
  1. An Easy Proof of Quadratic Reciprocity for an Undergraduate Number Theory Course
    Brant Jones, James Madison University
  2. Gordan, Ville, and von Neumann's Minimax Theorem
    Cherng-tiao Perng, Norfolk State University
  3. Knitting Symmetries: Preliminary Needling
    Susan Goldstine, St. Mary's College of Maryland
  4. Efficient Frontiers with Personal Preference
    Ming Fang, Norfolk State University
  5. Revisiting “The Problem of Learning to Teach”
    Marshall Gordon
  6. The I Road to Higher Mathematics -- Promoting Inquiry as Part of Mathematical Maturity
    Bob Sachs, George Mason University
  7. Classroom Stats: Spice Up Your Classroom with Fun, Live, Data Collection and Analysis
    David Taylor, Roanoke College
  8. Curve Neighborhoods of the Odd Symplectic Grassmannian
    Ryan Shifler, Salisbury University
  9. Continued Fractions and Semigroup Generators
    Sara Malec, Hood College
  10. Lewis Carroll on Solving Sorites
    Jason Rosenhouse, James Madison University
  11. Malware Analysis with Finite Ordered Trees
    Abdinur Ali, Norfolk State University
  12. Exercises for a Numerical Methods Course
    Brian Heinold, Mount St. Mary's University
  13. Platonic Hypar Zonohedra
    Eve Torrence, Randolph-Macon College
  14. On a New Integer Sequence
    Hongwei Chen, Christopher Newport University
  15. Math as Design Engine: Leveraging Mathematics to Create 3D Printed Art
    Laura Taalman, James Madison University
  16. Wave-like Entire Solutions to Lattice Differential Systems with a Single Defect
    Maila Brucal-Hallare, Norfolk State University
  17. Mastery Based Testing — An Introduction and Observations from Implementation in a Variety of Levels of Mathematics Courses
    Chris Lee, Roanoke College
  18. Finding Fibonacci with Engel's Stochastic Abacus
    Bruce Torrence, Randolph-Macon College
  19. Equilibrants of Matrices
    Zheng Tong, Christopher Newport University
  20. Mastery-Based Grading in Intro to Proofs
    Spencer Hamblen, McDaniel College
  21. In-place Excel Macros for Gauss Elimination
    Stephen Morse, George Mason University
  22. Improving Retention of Underrepresented STEM Majors through Embedded Tutoring
    Daniel Showalter, Eastern Mennonite University
  23. Vennim!
    Alex Meadows, St. Mary's College of Maryland
  24. Small Sample Confidence Intervals for the Kaplan-Meier Estimators under the Proportional Hazards Model
    Emad Abdurasul, James Madison University
  25. Signature Functions for Predicting Resonant and Attenuant Population Cycles
    Matthew A Morena, Christopher Newport University
  26. Just-in-Time Remediation for Liberal Arts Classes
    Alice Petillo, Marymount University
  27. On a Weighted Sum of Fibonacci Numbers
    Brian Bradie, Christopher Newport University
  28. Implications of Media Coverage on the Dynamics of Influenza Transmission
    Ana Vivas-Barber, Norfolk State University
  29. Grad, Curl, and Div on Axisymmetric Domains
    Minah Oh, James Madison University
Graduate Student Papers
  1. Stable Limits of Polygon Spaces Schedule of Speakers
    Jack Love, George Mason University
  2. Old and New Chain Rules
    Christina Osborne, University of Virginia
  3. Traveling Salesman Problem: Around the Globe
    Ashlee Edwards, Old Dominion University
  4. A Walk through the Garden: Open Problems
    Heather Rollins, University of West Florida
  5. Self-Polar Polytopes
    Alathea Jensen, George Mason University
Undergraduate Student Papers
  1. Game-Theoretical Analysis for Networked Systems
    Nathan R Carrington, Virginia State University
  2. Coxeter Groups, Dyck Paths and the Catalan Numbers
    Jessica Dixon, Washington College
  3. Game Theory
    Brae Fletcher, Virginia State University
  4. Innovations to Increase the Power of State-of-the-Art Graph-Theoretic Two-Sample Statistical Tests
    Michael Wallace, U.S. Naval Academy
  5. Chaotic Dynamics in a Family of Set-Valued Functions
    Isaac Woods, Christopher Newport University
  6. Spectral Analysis of the Graph Laplacian on Homogeneous Trees
    Matvey Yutin, George Mason University

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