The Mathematical Association of America
Maryland-District of Columbia-Virginia Section

Section Regulations

Summary of Responsibilities of Program Chair

  1. Arrange For Invited Address(es)
    1. Banquet and/or luncheon speakers
    2. Any workshops, minicourses, or panels
    3. Sources:
      1. Personal connections
      2. Connections of other officers
      3. Visiting Lecture Programs - MAA, SIAM
      4. Secretary of MAA will provide for one speaker per year, if requested
      5. Previous speakers at various other meetings
  2. Liaison with Local Arrangements Coordinator
    1. Rooms, Moderators
    2. Representative of Host Institution to Present Welcoming Remarks
    3. Coffee, Tea, Doughnuts
    4. Banquet and/or Luncheon
    5. Registration (Assistants to Section Treasurer)
    6. Lodging
    7. Book Exhibits - space and assistance with locating and setting up rooms
    8. Equipment for Paper Sessions
  3. Various Letters
    1. Have copies of Call for papers available at each meeting and in each preliminary announcement (arrange with Newsletter Editor).
    2. Acknowledgment of abstract with confirmation of talk and thank you for presentation.
    3. Final copy of program to Newsletter Editor.
    4. Thank you to invited speaker(s) and copy of schedule to all speakers.
    5. Arrange with Treasurer for reimbursement of expenses to invited speaker(s).
    6. Notify Secretary of names and addresses of students who present on Program.
  4. At the Meeting
    1. Provide sheet with titles, 3-4 line abstracts, and location of contributed papers.
    2. Introduce invited speaker(s).
    3. Have posted outside each room the title of paper currently being presented.
    4. Cater to invited speaker(s).

Helen Christensen, revised 7/94

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