The Mathematical Association of America
Maryland-District of Columbia-Virginia Section

Section Regulations

Summary of Responsibilities of Newsletter Editor

  1. About three to four months prior to each Meeting
    1. Work out with printing services at local institution the time required for complete publication cycle of specific number of copies needed for each mailing (Smaller Preliminary Announcement mailing may require less time than Newsletter bulk mailing).
    2. Based on printing time and mailing date estimates, work out with members of the Executive Committee schedule of submission dates needed for realizing each mailing date (allowing at least two-three weeks longer for bulk mail than first class) and send a reminder to all Executive Committee members at least two weeks before information for each issue is due to the Editor.
  2. About ten weeks prior to each Meeting
    1. Mail, by First Class Mail, to (Institutional) Departmental Representatives and Section Officers ONLY, the Preliminary Announcement of Meeting (with dates, locations, invited speaker(s) and workshops/minicourses, deadlines for submission of contributed papers, information about special motel rates, special information from the Chair, National Office, etc., request for campus news items or other information which members would like included in the regular Newsletter.) Include request to departmental representatives for immediate dissemination of this information to all MAA members at the institution, by all modes of communication appropriate to that institution.
    2. Send, by e-mail if possible, or first class mail if not, a copy of the materials in the Preliminary Announcement to "regular attendees" (those who have attended three of the last six meetings) who have requested it at a previous meeting, again with a request for dissemination among their colleagues.
  3. Between eight and ten weeks prior to each Meeting
    1. Compile the (regular) Final Newsletter in such a way that, whenever possible, the Meeting Program can be its centerfold sheet (This issue includes, as well as the Meeting Program, the dates and form for preregistration for meals, minicourses, workshops, etc., a message from the Chair, minutes from the previous meeting, the Governor's report, and other news about the Section and its institutions and their faculties).
    2. Mail, by First Class Mail, to Departmental Representatives and Section Officers, and by Bulk Mail to individual members, national officers, editors of other newsletters, etc., the (regular) Final Newsletter for the Meeting.

Helen Christensen, revised 7/94

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