The Mathematical Association of America
Maryland-District of Columbia-Virginia Section

Section Regulations

Summary of Responsibilities of Section Chair-Elect or Immediate Past-Chair

  1. For Meetings
    1. At Saturday luncheon (or other time if provided in the schedule) meet with Departmental Representatives of attending Institutions to solicit input from them regarding how the Section can become more vital at their home campuses.
    2. Assist Chair by acting as Liaison of Executive Committee with Local Arrangements Coordinator for any emergencies.
    3. Observe activities of the program and attempt to foresee ways in which future meetings might be improved.
    4. Visit the Book Display area periodically.
  2. Between Meetings
    1. Study duties of Section Chair and be alert to ways in which assistance might be needed with specific responsibilities of the Chair at meetings.
    2. Assist Section Chair in any ever ways requested.
    3. Review responsibility sheets for members of Executive Committee for areas where assistance might be needed.
    4. Begin considering sites for meetings during term as Chair, particularly in light of geographic location in section, and number of times institutions have hosted section meetings.*

* Chair-Elect only

Helen Christensen, RSM 7/94

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