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2017 ISMAA Bylaws Review


As outlined in the Guidelines for Bylaw Revisions and the Policy for Assuring Section Bylaws Review and Revision, the MAA requires that all sections review, and revise if necessary, their bylaws at least once every ten years. According to Guidelines for Bylaw Revisions the Illinois Section is required to review and revise its bylaws in 2017 and 2018. These guidelines also specify the procedures to be followed.

The Progress to Date

At the January 2017 ISMAA Board meeting Tim Comar, then ISMAA Chair, appointed an ad hoc committee consisting of Tony Bedenikovic, Tim Comar, Scott Harrod, Jon Johnson, Pat Kiihne, and Sharon Robbert to review and revise the ISMAA bylaws. The committee presented a rough draft of the changes at the March 2017 ISMAA Board meeting. Although most of the committee's work was via e-mail, it did meet in person during MathFest in Chicago.

At the September 2017 ISMAA Board meeting, the board approved a final draft of the revised bylaws to be sent to the MAA Committee on Sections for Review.

Yet to be Done

The MAA Commitee on Sections will review the proposed changes. They will communicate any concerns they have with the ISMAA. Once those concerns are resolved, the Committee on Sections will approve the proposed bylaws for vote by the section membeship.

If all goes well, there will be a vote on the bylaw revisions at the April 2018 Annual Meeting.

Assuming the section approves the changes, they revised bylaws will be forwarded to the MAA Board of Directors for final approval.

Summary of Changes

Most of the changes are relatively minor and were made to conform to the latest version of the MAA Section Bylaws Template and to account changes in the MAA governing structure. There are no significant changes to the ISMAA governing structure.

The current bylaws can be found here.