Texas College
Mathematics Journal 


Vol 6:  2009

Problems with Rational Exponents in Elementary Mathematics  

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Author(s): Abe, Terutake; Khosraviyani, Firooz
Pages: 1-17
Posted: September 14, 2009

MSC(2000) Primary 97D70, 97C90, 00A99
Key Words: Rational exponent, rational power, fractional power, power functions, root functions, set-valued power functions, set-valued root functions, order of operations, misconceptions

Encouraging the Integration of Complex Numbers in Undergraduate Ordinary Differential Equations

Abstract | PDF

Author(s): Ehrke, John
Pages: 18-24
Posted: September 23, 2009

MSC(2000) Primary 30-01, 97D40, 34A30
Key Words:
complex exponential, linear differential equations

Vol 5:  2008

A Solution for the Rhind Papyrus Unit Fraction Decompositions  

Abstract | PDF

Author(s): Charles Dorsett
Pages: 1-4
Posted: November 11, 2008

MSC(2000) Primary 01A16, 11A67, 11D68
Key Words: e
arly Egyptian mathematics, unit fraction decompositions  

Vol 4:  2007

Advanced mathematics Research Experiences for High School Students

Abstract | PDF

Author(s): Vasquez-Mireles, Selina;
Ferrero, Daniela

Pages: 1-12
Posted: November 20, 2007

MSC(2000) Primary 26B15; Secondary 26-01
Key Words:
volume, surface area, disk, frustum 


Disk versus Frustum

Abstract | PDF

Author(s): Cong X. Kang, Cong X.;
Yi, Eunjeong Yi 

Pages: 13-20
Posted: December 18, 2007

MSC(2000) Primary 97-02, 05C99
Key Words:
Graph theory, student research projects, summer programs 


Vol 3: 2006

Surprising Effects of Inquiry Based Learning

Abstract | PDF

Author(s): Jensen, Jacqueline A.
Pages: 1-9
Posted: January 13, 2006

MSC (2000): Primary 97D40; Secondary 97D10
Key words: Moore Method, Proof-writing


A Genetic Algorithm for Drawing
Ordered Sets

Abstract | PDF

Author(s): Loft, Brian; Snow, John
Pages: 10-26
Posted: February 3, 2006

MSC (1991): Primary 68W20; Secondary 06A06
Key words: genetic algorithm, ordered set

Vol 2: 2005

Subtractive Black Holes and Black Loops

Abstract | PDF

Author(s): Siegel, Murray H.; So Wasin; Cooper, Peter A
Pages: 1-9
Posted: August 17, 2005

MSC (2000): Primary 97 - 02
Key words: Subtractive process, Kaprekar constant, unique terminations


The Buffon Needle Problem Extended

Abstract | PDF

Author(s): McCarry, James; Khosraviyani, Firooz
Pages: 10-14
Posted: August 30, 2005

MSC (2000): Primary 60D05; Secondary 65C05
Key words: Buffon, Needle, Pi, Geometrical Statistics, Weightless

Vol 1: 2005, from the Contributed Papers at the 2004 Meeting of the Texas Section held at Texas A & M University - Corpus Christi.

Means of Complex Numbers

Abstract | PDF | PostScript

Author(s): Sexton , Barbara A.;Jones, Julie C.
Pages: 1-4
Posted: January 1, 2005

MSC (2000): Primary 30A99
Key words: mean, complex numbers


A Short (Lattice) Path from Beating Your Kids to Permutation Statistics

Abstract | PDF | PostScript

Author(s): Došlic, Tomislav
Pages: 5-14
Posted: January 14, 2005

MSC (2000): Primary 54C40; Secondary 46E25
Key words: lattice path, grand Dyck path, permutation statistics


Calculation across Cultures and History

Abstract | PDF

Author(s): Seaquist, Carl R.; Seshaiyer, Padmanabhan; Crowley, Dianne
Pages: 15-31
Posted: January 13, 2005

MSC (2000): Primary 97D80; Secondary 01A07
Key words: Calculation, Ethnomathematics

The precursor to this journal was the Texas Project NExT Journal which consisted of contributed papers by by Texas Project NExT (New Experiences in Teaching) Fellows. The TX CMJ was designed to address the broad spectrum of interests of the Texas Section's membership, including NExT; therefore, the NExT Journal was brought under the umbrella of TX CMJ.

Texas Project NExT Journal

The Texas Project NExT Journal served as a forum for the exchange of ideas in mathematics research by Texas Project NExT Fellows, and was a precursor to the development of the Texas College Mathematics Journal.

To view the articles in pdf format you need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  • Vol 2: 2004,  from the Contributed Papers at the 2003 Meeting of the Texas Section held at  Sam Houston State University.

A Magnus Embedding Theorem for Second Homotopy Modules

Abstract  | PDF  | PostScript

Author(s):   Jacqueline Jensen
Pages:  1-10
Posted:  December 22, 2004

MSC (2000):  Primary 57M20; Secondary 57M05
Key words:  Two-dimensional complexes, Presentations


Empirical Bayes and Bayes Prediction of Finite Population Total Using Auxiliary Information

Abstract  | PDF

Author(s):   Mark S. Hamner, John W. Seaman, Jr., Dean M. Young
Pages:  11-20
Posted:  December 22, 2004

Key words: Superpopulation model; empirical Bayes estimator; general regression estimator; partitioned matrices

  • Vol 1: 2003,  from the Contributed Papers at the 2002 Meeting of the Texas Section held at Eastfield College.

Non-Attractors of Iterated Function Systems

Abstract  | PDF

Author(s):   Manuel J. Sanders
Pages:  1-9
Posted:  June 9, 2003

MSC (2000):  37B25
Key words:  arc, attractor, iterated function system, contraction, IFS, locally connected continuum


Projective Resolutions from Tensoring Syzygies

Abstract  | PDF  | PostScript

Author(s):   Nathan Smith
Pages:  10-21
Posted:  June 9, 2003

MSC (2000):  13D02
Key words:  Homological methods Syzygies, resolutions, complexes