Texas College
Mathematics Journal 

  Submission Guidelines

The Texas College Mathematics Journal (TX CMJ) is a refereed journal devoted to mathematics and mathematics education. TX CMJ serves as a forum for the publication of high quality peer reviewed articles, where at least one of the authors must be a member of the Texas Section of the MAA. TX CMJ seeks lively, well-motivated articles that can enrich undergraduate and graduate instruction and enhance classroom learning. Articles involving all aspects of mathematics are welcome:

  • pure and applied research,
  • mathematics education research,
  • undergraduate and graduate mathematical instruction, learning, or assessment,
  • topics pertaining to the mathematics education of in-service and pre-service teachers.

Page (Article) Charges. Please note that after a manuscript has been accepted for publication, authors are asked to pay, at publication, a charge of $10 per article to help defray the cost of publication. Charges apply to all contributions.

Submission of Manuscripts. Since TX CMJ is a completely electronic journal, all manuscripts must be submitted in Microsoft Word, LaTeX, ps, or pdf format. Papers for publication should be sent without author's names or identifying information as attachments by e-mail to bshipman@uta.edu.  Included in the e-mail submission should be:

  • Title of the paper,
  • Author(s)
  • Corresponding author information (When a paper has multiple authors, one of them is designated as the corresponding author. This is the author who will receive all correspondence and questions concerning the paper.)
    • the author's name: Last name, First name Middle name or Initial
    • address:
    • affiliation name:
    • phone number:
    • e-mail address:
  • Short abstract which summarizes the paper,
  • List of key words,
  • Classification according to the 2000 Mathematical Reviews' Subject Classifications (http://www.ams.org/msc).
  • Referee's appendix (if desired).

Publication formats. After papers are accepted, they need to put in a standard form and at this point the author(s) and journal information will be added. For a LaTeX or MS Word template see the Author Packages. In addition your can submit your abstract in html format if you do not want formatting information to be lossed in the separately posted abstract.

Key Words. Key words should be comprehensive and subject specific. Four key words should be sufficient to cover the major subjects of a given paper, although more can always be supplied if the author deems it necessary.

Referee's Appendix. In the interest of respecting the time of our referees, we recommend a referee's appendix, not for publication, but to guide the referee. Please expand on statements such as, "A simple calculation shows... ." It is often appropriate to suppress such things in exposition, but a referee might find the additional information a time-saver.

Copyright. Authors will retain copyright of the article and be required, upon acceptance of an article, to provide a formal written Consent to Publish. Consent form

Notification. The author will be notified of the posting of his/her work and the time of release for TX CMJ.

References. References should be listed at the end of each paper. They should be numbered consecutively using arabic numbers between square brackets in the text.