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To become a reviewer, send your name, address, current title/position, and areas of interest and expertise to the editor . We appreciate your support.

Writing Helpful Reviews

The main purpose of a referee review is to help the editors decide whether or not a paper should be accepted for publication in the Texas College Mathematics Journal (TX CMJ). To be helpful, the referee needs to be specific and explicit in pointing to strengths and weaknesses.

A referee review should contain five elements:

  • Summary. This should be a brief synopsis of the main ideas in the article. It not only helps the editorial panel member recall the article, but also gives evidence of what the reviewer considered most important.
  • Identification of the article's strengths. This is an important element of encouragement for the author(s) of the article, especially for first-time authors.
  • Identification of the article's weaknesses. This should be done in a way that supports the reviewer's decision for rejection or revision. This list of weaknesses will guide the editorial panel member in his or her suggestions to the author(s) for submitting a new or revised article.
  • Recommendations to the editors. Recommendations should have a rationale.
  • Comments and suggestions to the author. These should guide the author to prepare an improved version, or help the author understand why the paper is not suitable for publication in this journal.