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Iowa Section Awards

Certificate for Meritorious Service.

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Certificate of Meritorious Service

The Iowa Section of MAA is honored to nominate Professor Arlington Fink for a Meritorious Service Award. Professor Fink received his B. A. degree form Wartburg College in 1956 and his Ph.D from Iowa State University in 1960. He was a member of the Mathematics faculty at the University of Virginia from 1960 to 1962 and the University of Nebraska from 1962 to 1967. In 1967 he joined the Mathematics Department at Iowa State University, and has remained there but for leaves to the University of Colorado (1967-68), Hans Oersted Instiute in Copenhagen (1972), the University of Minnesota (1974-76), and the University of Queensland (1989).

In the last 20 years, no one has done more for College and University Mathematics in the State of Iowa than Professor Fink. He has served both as Chair and Governor of the Iowa Section, and has been a Section Lecturer since 1987. As section chair he started our tradition of making our Section Meeting joint with that of the Iowa Section of SIAM and ASA. This collaboration has helped attendance at our meetings and made for a richer program. The Iowa Section always runs a very successful student paper program at is section meetings: Professor Fink was instrumental in starting these student paper sessions many years ago. Professor Fink has also given about 25 talks to undergraduate students at various csolleges in and around Iowa. These talks are on a variety of subjects, and are designed to encourage undergraduates to pursue advanced degrees in mathematics.

The Iowa Section has also benefited from Professor Fink’s reputation as a research mathematician. In the 30 years since he received his Ph.D., Professor Fink has published 69 research papers and one textbook. Professor Fink remains active and productive today in such areas as differential equations, optimization, and control theory. He is highly respected not only in Iowa, but throughout the world, for his reputation as a researcsh mathematician. Nontheless, Professor Fink devotes a good deal of time to his interactions with students, expecting high standards, but also setting them by example. Graduate students expecially recognize that working with Professor Fink will be a challenging but rewarding learning experience. He has nine Ph.D. students ro his credit to testify to this.

The Iowa Section of the Mathematical Association of America thanks Professor A. M. Fink for many years of valuable service and cont ributions.

Anne K. Steiner
Governor, Iowa Section