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Project NExT (New Experiences in Teaching) is a program sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America and others with the goal of improving the quality of undergraduate learning by exposing new college faculty to current teaching pedagogies. The program also works to get new faculty members involved in the broader mathematical community and to prepare these new faculty for the variety of roles which are required of them.

The Iowa Section of Project NExT will be organizing a Project NExT workshop immediately preceding the Annual Meeting of the Iowa Section of the MAA. The goal of these workshops is to provide the same services of the National Project NExT program available to a wider audience. There will be workshops on current teaching pedagogies as well as on research, service and other aspects of a professorial position.

The 2021 Iowa-NExT program will take place online from 1:30pm to 5pm CDT on Friday, October 8, 2021. All who plan to participate must RSVP in order to receive some materials for a hands-on activity.

Iowa-NExT is open to all Iowa MAA Section faculty members holding a Ph.D. in mathematics or related field and having full-time, pre-tenure status at a post-secondary institution. Iowa-NExT is also open to all mathematics or mathematics education graduate students in their final two years of doctoral study. To attend Iowa-NExT events, a qualified individual must apply to become an Iowa-NExT Fellow. There is no cost in becoming an Iowa-NExT Fellow or for attending Iowa-NExT events. Qualified individuals should complete and submit the application form. The deadline for applying is September 27, 2021.

Fellows in the Iowa-NExT program will:

National Project NExT Fellows are encouraged to apply and are welcome to join the Iowa-NExT list-serve. They are also encouraged to present the Iowa-NExT workshop and help organize Iowa-NExT activities.

For more information contact the Iowa-NExT steering committee.