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We are in a transition to a new set of Bylaws, pending approval by the Committee on Sections. Details concerning the original proposal, its rationale, and the final proposal are available for further perusal. [Inserted in 2005 as transitioning to a modified set.]

Iowa Section Bylaws

[used before 2005]

Article I  -- Name and Purpose

Section 1. The name of this section shall be the Iowa Section of the Mathematical Association of America, Inc.

Section 2. The purposes of the Iowa Section shall be to assist in the improvement of education in the mathematical sciences at the collegiate level by carrying out the purposes of the national organization within the territory defined below in Article II, Section 1.

Article II -- Membership

Section 1. The membership of the Iowa Section shall be as follows:

(a) members of the Mathematical Association of America, Inc. residing in Iowa, ZIP Codes 50000-52899.

(b) members of the Mathematical Association of America, Inc. not being resident in the territory of this Section, who have become members of this Section in accordance with Article VI of the Bylaws of the Mathematical Association of America, Inc.

Article III -- Officers

Section 1. The officers of this Section shall be a Chair, Chair-Elect, Past Chair and a Secretary-Treasurer. The Chair-Elect shall be elected annually and automatically become Chair the following year. The Secretary-Treasurer shall be elected for a period of three years and may serve for at most two consecutive terms. Each officer shall hold office until a successor has been duly elected and qualified.

Section 2. The Executive Committee of the Section shall consist of the officers of the Section and the Section Governor (ex-officio).

Section 3. Each Section officer must be a member of the Mathematical Association of America, Inc. and of this Section.

Section 4. The officers shall be elected at the annual meeting in the Spring and shall assume office upon adjournment of this meeting.

Section 5. A slate of officers shall be nominated by a committee appointed by the Chair, but this shall not prevent other nominations being made by a member at the time of the annual meeting.

Section 6. The duties of the Section officers shall be:

(a) The Chair shall preside at each meeting of the Section and of the Executive Committee of the Section. The Chair shall appoint every committee of the Section and be an ex-officio member of each committee, unless directed otherwise by the membership of the Section at a properly called meeting of the Section.

(b) The Chair-Elect shall be the Program Chair.

(c) The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep minutes of all meetings and make all necessary reports, receive all money paid into the Section and deposit such money in a bank to the account of the Section, and pay all bills of the Section out of the Section funds.

Section 7. The Executive Committee shall conduct the affairs of the Section between meetings of the Section membership.

Section 8. If a vacancy on the Executive Committee should occur, other than the Governor, the other members of the Executive Committee shall fill the vacancy by appointment of a member of the Section to serve until the next meeting at which an election can be held.

Article IV -- Meetings

Section 1. The Section shall hold an Annual Meeting in the Spring of each year.

Section 2. The Annual Meeting shall be planned by the Chair-Elect.

Section 3. A Special Meeting may be called by the Executive Committee or upon the petition of ten (10) members of the Section. The time and place of any Special Meeting shall be determined by the Executive Committee.

Section 4. Each member of the Section shall be notified in writing at least ten (10) days in advance of any Regular Meeting or Special Meeting of the Section.

Section 5. A quorum shall consist of those members present at any properly called meeting of the Section.

Article V -- Dues and Use of Assets

Section 1. There shall be no dues or registration fees assessed the members of the Section, unless the dues and/or fees are approved by the members at a properly called meeting.  There shall be a nominal registration fee assessed at the annual spring meeting.

Section 2. The assets of the Section shall be used exclusively to further the purposes of the Section, and in the events of the dissolution of the Section, the remaining assets will be returned to the national organization to be used for a purpose consistent with the purposes of the national organization.

Article VI -- Committees

Section 1. A nomination committee, appointed by the Chair, shall nominate a slate of officers for each election. An auditing committee, appointed by the Chair shall audit the TreasurerĂ­s books annually.

Section 2. The Chair may appoint such other committees as required, or as the members of the Iowa Section present at any properly called meeting may direct.

Article VII -- Amendments

Section 1. These Bylaws may be amended by a majority of the votes cast by the members at a Regular or Special Meeting of the Section, subject to the approval by the Board of Governors of the Mathematical Association of America, Inc.

Section 2. A proposed amendment shall be submitted in writing to every member of the Section at least fifteen (15) days prior to the meeting at which the voting on the amendment will take place.

Section 3. When an amendment has been approved by the members of the Section, it must be submitted in seven (7) copies to the Committee on Sections for its recommendation to the Board of Governors.

Section 4. A complete revision of this set of Bylaws will be subject to the same procedure as that for amending this set.