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Past Meetings and Officers of the Iowa Section of the MAA

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Date Institution Main speakers Representative Past Chair Chair Vice-Chair Vice-Chair Elect Secretary Treasurer Newsletter Editor
October 23-24, 2020Loras CollegeJames Sellers, Dominic KlyveTJ HitchmannAngela KohlhaasChris SpicerMelissa LindseySusan CrookRoss SweetLucas BennettMitch Keller
October 25-26, 2019Dordt UniversityCarol SchumacherTJ HitchmannSergio LochAngela KohlhaasChris SpicerMelissa LindseyRoss SweetLucas BennettMitch Keller
October 5-6, 2018Morningside CollegeCarlos Castillo-Chavez, Michael DorffMariah BirgenJason SmithSergio LochAngela KohlhaasChris SpicerSusan CrookLucas BennettJoy Becker
October 20-21, 2017Loras CollegeDeanna HaunspergerMariah BirgenAmanda MatsonJason SmithSergio LochAngela KohlhaasSusan CrookJonas MeyerJoy Becker
October 7-8, 2016Grand View UniversityArthur Benjamin, Stephen Kennedy, Steve ButlerMariah BirgenBrian BirgenAmanda MatsonJason SmithSergio LochSusan CrookJonas MeyerJoy Becker
October 2-3, 2015Graceland UniversityFrancis Su, Dave RichesonAl HibbardDebra CzarneskiBrian BirgenAmanda MatsonJason SmithSusan CrookJonas MeyerJoy Becker
October 24-25, 2014Clarke UniversityRobert L. Devaney, Ruth CharneyAl HibbardRussell GoodmanDebra CzarneskiBrian BirgenAmanda MatsonRonald SmithScott SearcyJoy Becker
October 18-19, 2013Wartburg CollegeJennifer QuinnAl HibbardJonathan WhiteRussell GoodmanDebra CzarneskiBrian BirgenRonald SmithScott SearcyAmanda Matson
October 5-6, 2012Simpson CollegeIvars PetersonJoel HaackTheron HitchmanJonathan WhiteRuss GoodmanDebra CzarneskRonald SmithScott SearcyAmanda Matson
October 21-22, 2011Central CollegeDavid BressoudJoel HaackMartha Ellen WaggonerTheron HitchmanJonathan WhiteRussell GoodmanBernadette BakerScott SearcyAl Hibbard
October 22-23, 2010Coe CollegeRick Gillman Joel HaackLawrence NaylorMartha Ellen WaggonerTheron HitchmanJonathan WhiteBernadette BakerScott SearcyAl Hibbard
October 9-10, 2009University of Northern IowaSteve Dunbar and Louis H. KauffmanCalvin Van NiewaalElgin JohnstonLawrence NaylorMartha Ellen WaggonerTheron HitchmanBernadette BakerKaren ShumanAl Hibbard
April 25-26, 2008Simpson CollegeCarl CowenCalvin Van NiewaalMariah BirgenElgin JohnstonLawrence NaylorMartha WaggonerWendy WeberKaren ShumanAl Hibbard
April 13-14, 2007Drake UniversityJoseph GallianJames FreemanAl HibbardMariah BirgenElgin JohnstonLawrence NaylorWendy WeberKaren ShumanMark Mills
April 7-8, 2006Iowa State UniversityJim TattersallJames FreemanJoel HaackAl HibbardMariah BirgenElgin JohnstonWendy WeberWendy WeberMark Mills

Starting in 2006, the position of Secretary/Treasurer was split into two separate positions and the position of Chair Elect was also split into two positions (Vice-Chair and Vice-Chair Elect); details can be found in the Bylaws.

Date Institution Main speakers Governor Past Chair Chair Vice-Chair Sec./Treas. Newsletter Editor
April 1-2, 2005Central CollegeNancy Hagelgans and David BressoudJames FreemanJoel HaackAl HibbardMariah BirgenWendy WeberMark Mills
April 16-17, 2004Central CollegeFrank FarrisRuth BergerSteven NimmoJoel HaackAl HibbardWendy WeberMark Mills
April 4-5, 2003University of Northern IowaE. Todd Eisworth, Herbert E. KasubeRuth BergerSteven NimmoJoel HaackWendy WeberMark Mills
April 5-6, 2002Morningside CollegeDavid StoneRuth BergerBruce SloanLuz De AlbaSteven NimmoMark JohnsonCalvin Van Niewaal
April 6-7, 2001Drake UniversityUnderwood DudleyElgin JohnstonDavid ManderscheidBruce SloanLuz De AlbaMark JohnsonCalvin Van Niewaal
April 14-15, 2000Simpson CollegeDeanna Haunsperger, Stephen KennedyElgin JohnstonRuth BergerDavid ManderscheidBruce SloanMark JohnsonCalvin Van Niewaal
April 16-17, 1999University of IowaColin AdamsElgin JohnstonStephen WillsonRuth BergerDavid ManderscheidSteven NimmoCalvin Van Niewaal
April 17-18, 1998Luther CollegeJim TattersallAlexander KleinerJames FreemanStephen WillsonRuth BergerSteven NimmoCalvin Van Niewaal
April 11-12, 1997Iowa State UniversityRoger HornAlexander KleinerGregory DotsethJames FreemanStephen WillsonSteven NimmoCalvin Van Niewaal
April 26-27, 1996Cornell CollegeMartha Siegel, Joel GreenhouseAlexander KleinerEmily MooreGregory DotsethJames FreemanSteven NimmoCalvin Van Niewaal
April 21-22, 1995University of Northern IowaIzaak Wirszup, Barbara FairesLynn OlsonReginald LaursenEmily MooreGregory DotsethSteven NimmoCalvin Van Niewaal
April 15-16, 1994Grinnell CollegePatricia RogersLynn OlsonRonald SmithReginald LaursenEmily MooreSteven NimmoDonald Meyer
April 16-17, 1993Luther CollegeKeith DevlinLynn OlsonAlexander KleinerRonald SmithReginald LaursenDavid OaklandDonald Meyer
April 24-25, 1992Graceland UniversityGerald AlexandersonAnne SteinerElgin JohnstonAlexander KleinerRonald SmithDavid OaklandDonald Meyer
April 5-6, 1991Drake UniversityWayne Woodworth, Jennifer Rowley, A. Wayne Roberts Anne SteinerCalvin Van NiewaalElgin JohnstonAlexander KleinerDavid OaklandLuz De Alba
April 6-7, 1990Iowa State UniversityAlan TuckerAnne SteinerCharles JepsenCalvin Van NiewaalElgin JohnstonDavid OaklandLuz De Alba
April 7-8, 1989Coe CollegeLeonard Gillman, David S. MooreA. M. FinkGregory DotsethCharles JepsenCalvin Van NiewaalDavid OaklandLuz De Alba
April 15-16, 1988Grinnell CollegeRonald Thisted, Herbert WilfA. M. FinkAnne SteinerGregory DotsethCharles JepsenDavid OaklandA. M. Fink
April 24-25, 1987University of Northern IowaIvan NivenA. M. FinkGeorge TryttenAnne SteinerGregory DotsethAlan HeckenbachA. M. Fink
April 11-12, 1986University of IowaGraeme Fairweather and Lynn SteenDonald MeyerWayne WoodworthGeorge TryttenAnne SteinerAlan HeckenbachA. M. Fink
April 12-13, 1985Drake UniversityElgin Johnston and Charles GroetschDonald MeyerLynn OlsonWayne WoodworthGeorge TryttenAlan HeckenbachDonald Meyer
April 13-14, 1984Wartburg CollegeKenneth Ross and Daniel MihalkoDonald MeyerEdward HillLynn OlsonWayne WoodworthE. James PeakeDonald Meyer

The newsletter was started in 1984 by Donald Meyer.

Date Institution Main speakers Governor Past Chair Chair Chair Elect Sec./Treas.
1983A. M. FinkEdward HillLynn OlsonE. James Peake
1982Arnold AdelbergA. M. FinkEdward HillE. James Peake
1981Frank KosierArnold AdelbergA. M. FinkE. James Peake
1980Donald MeyerFrank KosierArnold AdelbergE. James Peake
1979Ellen OliverDonald MeyerFrank KosierE. James Peake
1978James CornetteEllen OliverDonald MeyerBasil Gillam
1977Lawrence HartJames CornetteEllen OliverBasil Gillam
April 10, 1976Clarke UniversityDr. H. O. PollakElsie MullerDonald PilgrimLawrence HartJames CornetteBasil Gillam
April 19, 1975Iowa State UniversityBetty Hinman and Stuart KlugmanElsie MullerDonald BaileyDonald PilgrimLawrence HartBasil Gillam
1974Robert HoggDonald BaileyDonald PilgrimBasil Gillam

This page is being filled in as I go through some historical records for the section. If anyone can provide any additional information for any of these earlier years not shown, please submit it to the WebMaster.