Officers and Executive Committee

Our section Bylaws specify the Officers of the section to consist of the Chair, Vice-Chair, Vice-Chair Elect, Secretary and Treasurer. These officers are also part of the larger Executive Committee. Our Bylaws specify the Executive Committee to additionally include the Section Governor, Past Chair, Information Director (formerly Newsletter Editor), Competition Coordinator, and Liaison Coordinator. The officers are given below, with the complement following. An email and phone number for each person should be here; use the Institution page to find a mailing address. Additionally, where our Bylaws gives specific charges to the office, there is a link in the name of the office; more specific details of carrying out these responsibilities are spelled out elsewhere.


 photo of ChairChair    [2019-2020]
Chris Spicer
 photo of Vice-ChairVice-Chair    [2019-2020]
Melissa Lindsey
 photo of Vice-Chair ElectVice-Chair Elect    [2019-2020]
Susan Crook
 photo of SecretarySecretary    [2018-2021]
Ross Sweet 
 photo of TreasurerTreasurer    [2017-2020]
Lucas Bennett

Remaining Executive Committee Members

 photo of GovernorRepresentative to MAA Congress    [2019-2022]
Theron Hitchman 
 photo of Past-ChairPast-Chair    [2019-2020]
Angela Kohlhaas
 photo of Information DirectorInformation Director    [2019-2022]
Mitchel T. Keller
 photo of Liaison CoordinatorLiaison Coordinator    [2019-2022]
Matt Rissler
 photo of Competition CoordinatorCompetition Coordinator    [2019-2021]
Ruth Berger