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Section Tools

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There are a number of tools that are available for the general public as well as those who are participants in the Iowa section (and consequently in the section's database). All of these tools can be accessed by going to a distinct portion of this website: Tools. After going there, the user has the option to log in or not; more options are available if you log in. All participants in the database were sent an email (in 2013) that contains the password needed to log in. If you can not find it, there is a link on the login page for those who have forgotten their password. If you are not sure if you are in the system, you can inquire. If you are not in the system, use the Contact menu to request to be added.

While the full complement of tools can be viewed, the ones actually available to you depends on whether you log in or not. Members of the Executive Committee have some additional tools to perform their tasks. The ones available to you are under the Tools menu.

Here is a brief summary of those that are available to those in the public or who log in as a participant.