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History of the Iowa Section of the MAA

Past Meetings and Officers
This provides tables that summarize the officers, locations, dates, and main speakers for (relatively recent) past meetings of the Iowa section of the MAA. (There are no links to other pages or document.)
Document for Past Meetings
This page, with a subpage for recent and another for archived, contains tables by year with meeting information. At a minimum, the schedule of IA section meeting is given (before 1999) but for 2000 to 2003 and additional information page is included (including call for papers, abstracts, schedule, and general information). For 2004 onward, in addition to the schedule and information pages, there are also both business and executive minutes, agendas for these meetings, and sometimes other related information.
Iowa Section Newsletters
This page, with a subpage for current and another for archived, contains tables by year with spring and fall newsletters. The section newsletter was started by Don Meyer in 1984. For 1984 to 2001 the newsletters are given as pdf documents scanned from the original documents. For years 1999 onward, the newsletter was produced as an html page (with a few years doing both).
Written History of the Iowa Section
Currently there is one summary report created by Riley Burkart, a student at Central College majoring in mathematics and history. He reviewed the documents of the Iowa Section that Al Hibbard had scanned (see section below) and also did some other research outside the section documents. This is in Word format and in pdf. As these documents are scanned, if there are other attempts to prepare a history, they will also be added here.
Scanned historical section documents
While not yet complete, this section contains a large number of documents that have been scanned from the "boxes" of documents formerly housed with the secretary/treasurer. These are all pdf documents.