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Iowa Section Awards

Certificate for Meritorious Service.


At the April, 1985 meeting of the Iowa Section, Professor Basil Gilliam, retired Professor of Mathematics at Drake University, was nominated to receive a certificate for Meritorious Service for the service he has given to the Iowa Section in the past years. Normally, your governor would present this nomination at the annual January 1986 meeting and the award would be presented at the following summer meeting. Because of the ICM there are no joint AMS/MAA summer meetings in 1986. Thus the Board is shifting each event by half a year.

Our nomination will be made to the Board in August, 1986. With the Board's approval, the public presentation of the certificate will be made at the January 1987 meeting in San Antonio. We expect the nomination will be approved.

Congratulations, Basil! The award shall become official in due time.