Friday, April 1, 2005

Registration and Exhibits      Vermeer Science Center 140 (Reading Room)


Concurrent Session 1      Vermeer Science Center 143

3:00-3:20Message Authentication Codes and Quasigroups
** Kristen Meyer, Iowa State University
3:30-3:50A Multiple Integral of a Piecewise Algebraic Function.
Michael Rieck, Drake University
4:00-4:20Don't Be So Sensitive! --On the Definition(s) of a Group
** Jeremy Alm, Iowa State University

Concurrent Session 2      Vermeer Science Center 241

3:00-3:20The "Basic Four" Elementary Functions and Their Applications in College Algebra
Scott Herriott, Maharishi University of Management
3:30-3:50A Project Based Finite Math Course
Brian Birgen, Wartburg College
4:00-4:20A Unified Representation of Function
Bernadette Baker, Drake University

Concurrent Session 3      Vermeer Science Center 243

3:00-3:20Generalized Arithmetic Triangles via Convolution
Sean Bradley, Clarke College
3:30-3:50The Efficiency of Morse Code as Data Compression.
Scott Searcy, Waldorf College
4:00-4:20Factoring Trinomials with Less Struggling and More Success!
Monica Meissen, Clarke College



Round Table Discussion      Vermeer Science Center 180

4:35-5:20Calvin Van Niewaal, Coe College   MAA Strategic Planning - Professional Development

Round Table Discussion      Vermeer Science Center 143

4:35-5:20Mariah Birgen, Wartburg College   Undergraduate Programs

Dinner on your own      See Meals information section 


Plenary Session 1      Vermeer Science Center 180

7:30-7:50Planar Linkages: Robot Arms, Carpenters' Rulers, and Other Devices
Nancy Hagelgans, Ursinus College

Reception      Vermeer Science Center lobby


Saturday, April 2, 2005

Plenary Session 2      Vermeer Science Center 180

8:45-9:45Undergraduate Programs and Courses in the Mathematical Sciences: CUPM Curriculum Guide 2004
David Bressoud, Macalester College



Concurrent Session 4      Vermeer Science Center 143

10:00-10:20The Henrici Harmonic Analyser
Joel Haack, University of Northern Iowa
10:30-10:50Axioms of Kinship
* Cindee Calton, University of Northern Iowa
11:00-11:20Rigor in Analysis: From Newton to Cauchy
* James Collingwood, Drake University

Concurrent Session 5      Vermeer Science Center 241

10:00-10:20The Mathematics of Common Consent
Ronald Smith, Graceland University
10:30-10:50Searching For Images Embedded in Mathematics
Charles Ashbacher
11:00-11:20The Evolution of Cooperation
Rick Spellerberg, Simpson College

Concurrent Session 6      Vermeer Science Center 243

10:00-10:20The Graph Traces of Finite Graphs and Applications to Tracial States of C*-Algebras
** Matthew Johnson, University of Iowa
10:30-10:50On the Negative Mass Assigned By the Univariate Zao-Tsiatis and Wang Estimators
Mahmoud Almanassra, Wartburg College
11:00-11:20Explanation of Lepton and Meson Masses
** Joseph Keller, Iowa State University



Iowa Section Business Meeting      Vermeer Science Center 180

11:30-12:15Joel Haack, University of Northern Iowa, Past Chair of the Iowa Section of the MAA   

Lunch together or on your own     Central Market and other locations 

12:15-1:45    (Those who are interested in Section NeXT should gather at a table in the Central Market.)

Concurrent Session 7      Vermeer Science Center 143

1:45-2:05The Toeplitz-Silverman Theorem
Alexander Kleiner, Drake University
2:15-2:35Prime divisors of Mersenne numbers and Dirichlet series
Christian Roettger, Iowa State University

Concurrent Session 8      Vermeer Science Center 243

1:45-2:05Knots of Constant Curvature
** Jenelle McAtee, University of Iowa
2:15-2:35Equidissections of Trapezoids
Charles Jepsen, Grinnell College

Concurrent Session 9      Vermeer Science Center 241

1:45-2:05Mathematics and Civic Engagement
Mariah Birgen, Wartburg College
2:15-2:35Simple Teaching of Differential Calculus
Phil Wood



Concurrent Session 10      Vermeer Science Center 163

2:45-3:05The Strange Case of Shapiro's Inequality
A.M. Fink, Iowa State University
3:15-3:35The History of Complex Dynamics, Part II
Dan Alexander, Drake University
3:45-4:05Prince Rupert's Rectangles
* Erika Hartung, Central College

Concurrent Session 11      Vermeer Science Center 143

2:45-3:05Escher's World and Green Jello World - A Concrete Introduction to Hyperbolic Geometry
Ruth Berger, Luther College
3:15-3:35Equidistant Sets and Similarity Transformations
Eugene Herman, Grinnell College

Concurrent Session 12      Vermeer Science Center 241

2:45-3:05Getting Students to Read a Linear Algebra Text--Methods and Reactions
Karen Shuman, Grinnell College
3:15-3:35Retinal disparity via computer
K Stroyan, University of Iowa
3:45-4:05A tour of the new website for the IA section of the MAA
Al Hibbard, Central College

* denotes an undergraduate speaker and ** indicates a graduate student speaker