Static Operational Plan for Past-Chair

NOTE: This is intended only to be used if the database server is inoperable for some reason. This way you have at least an outline of the tasks at the last time a snapshot was taken.

Bylaws description

According to our section's Bylaws, the Past-Chair is a member of the Executive Committee but has no specific tasks itemized in the Bylaws.

Time line for tasks

Today is Friday, 21 August 2015. This timeline assumes that the next meeting is scheduled to be on 2 October 2015 and the last meeting was on 24 October 2014. (Note that next meeting date may not be yet set and the default date of 1 Oct is being used.) If you are on the executive committee and you are reviewing the operational plan for your office, you may interested in editing/modifying what you see here.

  1. At the section meeting [Target date: 2 October 2015]
    1. Attend Executive Committee breakfast meeting. Share wisdom accumulated by the experiences of serving in the offices of Vice-Chair Elect, Vice-Chair and Chair.