Business Meeting 2019 - Agenda

  1. Welcome and introduction of first-time participants (Angie Kohlhaas)
  2. Approve minutes of 2018 Business Meeting (Angie Kohlhaas)
  3. Elections for Vice-Chair Elect Candidate Information (Angie Kohlhaas)
  4. Iowa Mathematics Competition (Ruth Berger)
  5. 2019 Iowa Section Distinguished Teaching of Mathematics Award (Chris Spicer)
  6. Report from Treasurer (Lucas Bennett)
  7. Report from Iowa-NExT (Katherine Vance)
  8. Representative's Report (TJ Hitchman)
  9. Iowa CBMS Mathematics Pathways (Angie Kohlhaas)
  10. General announcements
  11. Lunch details (Melissa Lindsey)
  12. Adjournment (Angie Kohlhaas)