Executive Meeting Minutes 2014

(Pending approval)

Iowa Section of the MAA
Executive Committee Meeting
Saturday, October 25, 2014
Atrium Conference Room, Clarke University, Dubuque, IA

Ruth Berger (Competition Coordinator), Joy Becker (Information Director), Brian Birgen (Vice Chair), Debra Czarneski (Chair), Al Hibbard (Governor), Amanda Matson (Vice-Chair Elect), Matt Rissler (Liaison Coordinator), Scott Searcy (Treasurer), Ron Smith (Secretary).
Guests in attendance were Robert Devaney, Ruth Charney, Jason Smith, Chris Spicer, and Jonas Meyer

Deb Czarneski called the meeting to order at precisely 7:00 a.m.

  1. Minutes of March 1, 2014 Executive Committee meeting were approved as posted, with the spelling of Czarneski corrected
  2. Deb welcomed the visitors: Robert Devaney (MAA President), Ruth Charney (AWM President), Jason Smith and Chris Spicer (Vice Chair Elect candidates), and Jonas Meyer (Treasurer candidate)
  3. Amanda Matson moved that the election of a treasurer at this business meeting be for a four year term, and that the term will resume to the normal three years after that. The motion carried unanimously.
  4. Brian Birgen reported that the discussion on t-shirts at MathFest indicated that the idea at the national level died. It was suggested that we do it at the local level anyway, and Brian and Amanda were to take charge of moving the idea forward, with the goal of t-shirts being available to be picked up at the math competition and MUMs.
  5. Brian Birgen reported on the MathFest Section Officer's meeting. It was determined that Sections were still a good idea.
  6. Scott Searcy gave the treasurer's report.
  7. Al Hibbard led a discussion on the possibility of a joint meeting with the Missouri Section. Ron Smith agreed to be the contact person for this next year.
  8. Robert Devaney reminded us of the centennial meeting this coming year.
  9. After a short discussion, it was decided that the nomination committee should contact nominators of runners up from the previous year to see if they would like to have the nomination resubmitted and/or amended.
  10. There was some brainstorming on what to do with excess funds. A popular idea was a small grants system. No action was taken.
  11. There was some brainstorming on how to celebrate the MAA centennial in 2015 and the Iowa MAA centennial in 2016. Ideas included a talk on the history of the Iowa section in 2016, Birthday cake or "pi" with blueberries at the reception, and Mandating the number "100" or the word "Birthday" appear in every talk. No action was taken.
  12. It was decided to schedule a Spring Executive Committee meeting at Iowa State during the mathematics competition. Those who cannot make the meeting physically will be invited join it electronically.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:01 am.

Respectfully submitted,
Ronald K. Smith
IA MAA Section Secretary