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Executive Committee 2013 - Agenda

October 19, 2013 - 7:00 am

Location: Science Center 245

  1. Approve Minutes of 6 Oct 2012 Executive meeting (Ron Smith)
  2. Welcome to Visitors
    • Vice Chair Elect candidates: Amanda Matson, Christian Roettger
    • MAA representative: Jennifer Quinn, Second Vice-President, MAA
  3. Report from MathFest Section Officers' Meeting (Russ Goodman)
  4. Report on Mathematics Competition (Ruth Berger)
  5. Report from Treasurer (Scott Searcy)
  6. Broader issues to discuss
    • Spring Executive Committee meeting?
    • Having an annual Iowa Section Award winner's talk?
    • Supporting an Project NExT Fellow for MAA Iowa?
    • Continuity in leadership
  7. Remarks by MAA representatives Jennifer Quinn
  8. Any other new business