Business Meeting 2013 - Agenda

  1. Approve minutes of October 6, 2012 business meeting (Ron Smith)
  2. Welcomes (Russ Goodman)
    • First-time participants
    • Vice-Chair Elect candidates: Amanda Matson, Christian Roettger
    • MAA representative: Jennifer Quinn, Second Vice-President, MAA
  3. Election for Vice-Chair Elect; candidate information
  4. Present 2013 MAA Iowa Section Award (Russ Goodman)
  5. Presentation of Iowa Mathematics Competition trophy (Ruth Berger)
  6. Report from MathFest Section Officers' Meeting (Russ Goodman)
  7. Report from Treasurer (Scott Searcy)
  8. Report from Governor (Al Hibbard)
  9. Proposed amendments to MAA Iowa Bylaws (Russ Goodman)
    • Proposed amendment #1
    • Proposed amendment #2
  10. Report from Iowa-NExT (Jonas Meyer)
  11. Report from Midwest Undergraduate Mathematics Symposium (Heidi Berger/Bill Schellhorn)
  12. Remarks by MAA representative Jennifer Quinn
  13. Discussion of Spring 2013 Combined Meeting in Missouri (Al Hibbard)
  14. Any other new business
  15. General announcements
  16. Lunch details (Brian Birgen)
  17. Adjournment