Executive Committee 2011 - Agenda

October 22, 2010 - 7:00 am

Location: Vermeer Science Center, Room 170

  1. Approve Minutes of previous meeting
  2. Welcome to Visitors
    • Vice Chair Elect candidates Brian Birgen (Wartburg) and Deb Czarneski (Simpson)
    • Secretary candidate Ron Smith (Graceland University)
    • MAA representative David Bressoud (Macalester College)
    • new information officer: Amanda Matson (Clarke)
    • new liaison? Matt Rissler (Loras)
  3. Discussion of meeting in Kansas City--What do we bring to the business meeting?
  4. Report on Mathematics Competition (Ruth)
  5. Discussion of Adjustments to Book Sales Program
  6. Discussion of possible adjustment of Liaison Coordinator position to "Membership Director"
  7. Remarks by MAA representatives David Bressoud