Executive Committee 2009 - Agenda

Location: Village Inn on University Avenue in Cedar Falls, across the street from the hotels at which rooms were reserved. Address: 6301 University Ave # F, Cedar Falls, IA 50613-5280

October 10, 2009 - 7:00 a.m.

  1. Minutes of previous year's meeting approved by mail earlier
  2. Welcome to Visitors
    • Vice Chair Elect candidates Russ Goodman and Jon White
    • Treasurer candidates Sergio Loch and Scott Searcy
    • Governor candidates Joel Haack and Al Hibbard
    • MAA representatives Steve Dunbar and Louis Kauffman
  3. Update on Operational Plans for Section Officers
  4. Discussion of nominating committee rules
  5. Section mission statement (see * below)
  6. Upcoming events
    • Election of Section Governor, this fall
    • Nominations for Certificates of Meritorious Service, 2010
  7. Report on Mathematics Competition (Berger)
  8. Remarks by MAA representatives Steve Dunbar, Louis Kauffman?

* From Rick Gilman, Chair of the Committee on Sections

Below is a section mission statement written by the strategic planning group on sections. (The full report is online at the MAA website.) It was received positively at both the governor's meeting and the section officer's meeting with some (in my opinion) relative minor suggestions of wording changes. What do you think? If you like the statement, or some reasonable variation, what is the best way to incorporate it into section culture - include in bylaws, post prominently on websites?

The sections of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) will advance the mission of the MAA on a regional level; offer guidance to the MAA as it forms and fulfills its mission; provide professional development and networking activities for section members and mathematics students within geographically accessible locations; and promote discussion and action on issues affecting mathematics teaching, learning, and research in the region.
Sections offer their members the opportunity to
• participate in an international association at a local level;
• attend face-to-face meetings to learn from and network with others who have common interests;
• work in a grassroots organization of the MAA;
• enjoy talks and programs in their region given by speakers of national and international prominence;
• recruit members to the MAA, to the profession and to the mathematical sciences community; and
• readily participate in the MAA at the section level, leading, if desired, to participation in the parent organization.