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Executive Committee 2008 - Agenda

  1. Minutes of previous year's meeting approved by mail earlier
  2. Welcome to Visitors
    • Vice-Chair Elect candidates Theron Hitchman and Scott Searcy
    • MAA Representative Carl Cowen
  3. Recognition of AMC Competitors (Johnston)
  4. Middle/High School Outreach (Johnston)
  5. Update on Operational Plans for Section Officers (Hibbard)
  6. Using our funds for invited speakers (Johnston)
  7. Upcoming elections, opportunities (Johnston and others)
    • 2009/10 Election of Section Governor
    • 2010 Nominations for Certificates of Meritorious Service
  8. Meeting in Fall and Polya Lecturer (Johnston)
  9. Remarks by Carl Cowan (MAA Speaker?)
  10. Report on Competition (Berger)
  11. Other business