Wisconsin Section High School Math Contest

Attention High School Math Teachers

We invite your students to participate in the 2020 High School Mathematics Contest sponsored by the Wisconsin Section of the Mathematical Association of America. The test date is Thursday, December 3, 2020. Last year nearly 1000 students from all over Wisconsin participated in the contest. We hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity to provide a fun mathematical challenge for your students.

Schools that sign up will be emailed a copy of the exam along with other material (student response form, answer key, etc.) in November. The exam can be given in person at your school, or virtually. For exams given at school, each school will be responsible for printing the number of copies it needs. For exams given virtually, you are responsible for delivering the exam to the students on December 3, 2020. One method that can work is to ask a parent to proctor the test. E-mail the test to the proctor, or if need be, to the student. Ask that the test and answer sheet be printed off. Ask each student to show you that they have put their cell phone away. Have each student have their monitors on, so you can monitor them while they take the test. Have all students begin and end at the same time. When time is up, give the student 5 minutes to photograph their answer sheet, and send back to you for grading.

The contest can be described as "algebra, geometry, and ingenuity." It is designed for students who have studied at least one year of algebra, and are at least in their first semester of geometry. The 75-minute test is designed to challenge the best students and still be accessible to a wide range of students. Any pre-high school student in your area who is taking high school geometry is encouraged to participate.

You will be responsible for scoring the test (an answer key will be provided) and for reporting the results to us. We will award a book and a certificate to the student achieving the highest score at your school. In addition, each student scoring in the top 1% in the state will receive a certificate of achievement.

The registration fee is based on high school enrollment, as indicated on the entry form. Please note that the entry form and fee should be returned by Friday, November 20, 2020. Copies of previous years' exams are linked below.

Please also note the following:
 ° The payee (MAA Wisconsin Section) is different from the addressee.
 ° This is a state contest, and is different from the MAA's national AMC competition.

2020 Contest Registration Form

For more information, contact Kevin Haertzen at UW-Platteville.

Previous Years' Exams (pdf)

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