2021 Iowa Section Mathematics Meeting
Virtual via Zoom
October 8-9, 2021

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Only Section NExT activities will take place on Friday from 1:30pm to 5pm CDT. All other meeting activities (student and faculty papers, invited talks, business meeting) will take place on Saturday.

The fall meeting of the Iowa Section of the Mathematical Association of America will feature MAA Secretary James Sellers from the University of Minnesota-Duluth and MAA AWM speaker Catherine Hsu from Swarthmore College. They will give invited talks on Saturday. Speaking slots are yet to be determined.

James Sellers talk, time TBD: Revisiting What Euler and the Bernoullis Knew About Convergent Infinite Series

All too often in first-year calculus classes, conversations about infinite series stop with discussions about convergence or divergence. Such interactions are, unfortunately, not often illuminating or intriguing. Interestingly enough, Jacob and Johann Bernoulli and Leonhard Euler (and their contemporaries in the early 18th century) knew quite a bit about how to find the exact values of numerous families of convergent infinite series. In this talk, I will show two sets of exact results in this vein. The talk will be accessible to anyone interested in mathematics.

Catherine Hsu talk, time TBD: Projective and Non-Abelian SET

Mathematicians love SET. On the surface, this classic game is a con test of pattern recognition, but it also presents an interesting way to visualize the geometry of a torus over a finite field. In this talk, we will discuss some of the mathematics connected to SET and then explore several new versions of the game, including one arising from projective geometry and one arising from non-abelian groups. In particular, we will see how these non-abelian variations on SET can give intuitive visualizations of abstract group structures.

Call for Student and Faculty Papers

As usual, we hope for a wide variety of talks from our own members. If you have something interesting to say about mathematics or teaching, contribute a talk and share with the rest of the section. Students (both undergraduates and graduates) are encouraged to participate.

Proposals for talks are due by September 20, 2021. Please use the electronic submission form, if at all possible. (Logging in first will make it easier, so you are encouraged to do so.) If you are unable to use the submission site, please send the following information to Melissa Lindsey at the University of Wisconsin-Madison - melissa.lindsey@wisc.edu:

Contact information for Melissa Lindsey: Melissa Lindsey, Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison 608.263.2727 melissa.lindsey@wisc.edu


Vice-Chair Elect

We will be holding elections for a new vice-chair elect at the meeting. The candidate for vice-chair elect is Brittney Miller.


We will be holding elections for a new treasurer at the meeting. The candidate for treasurer is Luke Bennett.

Schedule and Abstracts

Here is a link to the schedule: Schedule


If you have questions, please contact the
Chair, Chris Spicer spicer@morningside.edu (for general issues);
Vice-Chair, Melissa Lindsey melissa.lindsey@wisc.edu (for program issues);
Vice-Chair Elect, Susan Crook susan.crook@loras.edu (for local, on-site issues);
or Secretary, Ross Sweet ross.sweet@simpson.edu (for registration or other issues).


Preregistration information will be available closer to the date of the meeting. Preregistration will be required this year in order to receive the schedule with the Zoom links.

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