2014 Iowa Mathematics Meeting
Clarke University
Dubuque, Iowa
October 24-25, 2014

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The annual meeting of the Iowa Section of the Mathematics Association of America will soon be here. We are fortunate to have Ruth Charney be our speaker both Friday evening TBA) and Saturday morning .

Call for Student and Faculty Papers

As usual, we hope for a wide variety of talks from our own members. If you have something interesting to say about mathematics or teaching, contribute a talk and share with the rest of the section. Students (both undergraduates and graduates) are encouraged to participate.


Clarke University Campus Information

Here is a link to a map of the Clarke University campus: TBA

All meetings will be in the TBA located TBA. You can park TBA .

Lodging in Dubuque

hotel list: TBA

Schedule and Abstracts

Once the schedule has been put together for the upcoming meeting, it can be viewed, as well as the abstracts.


If you have questions, please contact the Chair, Debra Czarneski debra.czarneski@simpson.edu (for general issues); Vice-Chair, Brian Birgen brian.birgen@wartburg.edu (for program issues); Vice-Chair Elect, Amanda Matson Amanda.Matson@clarke.edu (for local, on-site issues); or Secretary Ronald Smith at rsmith@graceland.edu (for registration or other issues).


Thank you for considering preregistering for the upcoming meeting. This will save you time at the meeting, make it easier for our secretary at the meeting, and increase the efficiency in gathering the data that the MAA headquarters asks of us for each meeting (including gender, whether you are a presenter, and student/faculty/other status). When you come to the registration table at the meeting, indicate that you have already preregistered. Your name will be looked up from the list gathered from this registration tool and you will only need to pay the registration fee ($10) to complete the process. Preregistration takes place here. Note that you can use this page whether you are currently in our database or not (see below), but the process will be much easier if you already are.

IA section database

We are trying to maintain an up-to-date database of all section members to provide better communication, save expenses on mailings, and help with the registration and proposal process. If you have not already updated your information, you may do so by using the log in page here. The credentials that you need here are your email and your password. The password has been emailed out (or will be shortly) in May, 2013. But if you forgot, or don't want to wait, you can always have it sent to by using the "I forgot my password" link on the log in page (log in). This assumes that you are in the system. If you are not sure if you are or not, check here. If you are not in the system, use the Contact menu there to send a message to request to be added.