The Kentucky Section
KYMAA Distinguished Teaching and Meritorious Service Awards

KYMAA Distinguished Teaching Award

Every year the KYMAA recognizes one of its own for excellence in teaching mathematics. Guidelines for nominations may be found at Here is a list of the recipients of this annual teaching award:

2021 Bethany Noblitt, Northern Kentucky University
2020 Jeff Heath, Centre College
2019 Lisa Holden, Northern Kentucky University
2018 David Coulliette, Asbury University
2017 Steve Wilkinson, Northern Kentucky University
2016 Rob Donnelly, Murray State University
2015 Alex McAllister, Centre College
2014 Tom Richmond, Western Kentucky University
2013 Gail Mackin, Northern Kentucky University
2012 Carl Lee, University of Kentucky, 2014 Haimo Award winner
2011 Christie Perry, Morehead State University
2010 Robin Blankenship, Morehead State University
2009 Christine Shannon, Centre College and David Shannon, Transylvania College
2008 Patrick Costello, Eastern Kentucky University
2007 Chris Christensen, Northern Kentucky University
2006 Austin French, Georgetown College
2005 Dora Ahmadi, Morehead State University
2004 Steve Newman, Northern Kentucky University
2003 Ted Suffridge, University of Kentucky
2002 John Wilson, Centre College
2001 Brauch Fugate, University of Kentucky
2000 William Fenton, Bellarmine University
1999 Paul E. Bland, Eastern Kentucky University
1998 James K. Wells, University of Kentucky
1997 Richard A. Davitt, University of Louisville
1996 John A. Oppelt, Bellarmine University
1995 W. Wiley Williams, University of Louisville
1994 Carroll G. Wells, Western Kentucky University
1993 Martha Watson, Georgetown College
1992 Amy King, Eastern Kentucky University

KYMAA Meritorious Service Award

Once every five years, KYMAA recognizes one of its own for excellence in service to the section. Here is a list of the recipients of this pent-annual service award:

2018 Dora Ahmadi, Morehead State University
2013 Daniel Curtin, Northern Kentucky University
2008 Donald E. Bennett, Murray State University
2003 Karin Chess, Owensboro Community College
1998 Christine Shannon, Centre College
1993 Jacqueline Moss, Paducah Community College
1988 Aughtum Howard, Eastern Kentucky University


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