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In 2001, David E. Zitarelli of Temple University published EPADEL: A Semisesquicentennial History, 1926-2000. It's a wonderful history of the organization's inception, development, and the people that made it possible.

The version linked above was created by Bud Boman (Penn State Harrisburg), based on the original source PDF for David Zitarelli's book. If any discrepancies are found between the two versions, please email Bud at ecb5@psu.edu. (Note from Bud: I am particularly concerned that the information in the various tables is consistent between the versions and that the references to the tables in the HTML actually refer to the correct table.)

A project to update Zitarelli's history for the past two decades is underway by Bud Boman and Doug Ensley. If you have anything you'd like to contribute, please contact them at ecb5@psu.edu and deensley@ship.edu.

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