Welcome to the homepage for the EPaDel section of the Mathematical Association of America. If your zip code is in the range 16900-19999 then this is your MAA section! We have a list of schools in our section and a nice map of these schools.

Spring Meeting at University of Scranton

We have a great program planned for our upcoming meeting. Plan on joining us on April 26 at University of Scranton.

See the schedule and the list of abstracts on this site.

The deadline for pre-registration is April 11, 2014.

We now have the schedule and abstracts for the student talks in pdf form. We also have the schedule and the abstracts for the New Colleague Talks.

“What's New” at the Association

Do want to see a glimpse of all that is happening in the MAA this year? Click here for a lovely presentation that highlights the some of the programs and initiatives.

James P. Crawford EPaDel Teaching Award

Act now to nominate a colleague for our section's award for Distinguished College or University Teaching. The first stage is a simple one page form that is due by December 15, 2014. For details visit the Crawford award page.

Student Paper Competition

The winner of our 2014 student paper competition is Sam Krupa from University of Pennsylvania for his paper Numerical Analysis of Target Enumeration via Euler Characteristic Integrals .

If you are an undergraduate in the EPaDel section and would like to enter a paper into our competition, the deadline for 2014 is June 15. Visit our Student Paper Competition page for more details.

EPaDel Speaker List

Presently our EPaDel Spearker List is down due to technical issues.

Upcoming Meetings

Mark your calendars for our Spring meeting on April 26, 2014 at University of Scranton.

Locations of upcoming meetings:
April 26, 2014University of Scranton
October 25, 2014University of the Sciences in Philadelphia
March 14, 2015Franklin & Marshall College