EPaDel Fall 2014 Section Meeting

The fall 2014 meeting was held October 25, 2014 at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia.

Invited Speakers

Student Contributed Paper Session

Student talk schedule (PDF)

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Section Governor's Presentation

The slideshow below was shown at this meeting.

Governor's Message

Section Governor, Annalisa Crannell, Franklin & Marshall College
August 2014

The MAA is about to enter its 100 Year Celebration. Woo-hoo!

As we leave our first century behind us, there are certain items of luggage we won't carry with us. For example:

But our travels forward aren't all about shedding baggage; they are also a celebration and reaffirmation of all we do well: communicating mathematics with our students and with one another. In this vein, MAA meetings are hoppin' hotbeds of activity (MathFest 2014 set record levels of attendance); our journals are still among the most widely read math journals in the world, and professional development through PREP workshops and curricular materials is abundant.

An emerging area of MAA leadership is in high-quality, low-cost textbooks. Books! Buy 'em! Write 'em! MAA textbooks go through a rigorous editorial screening (unlike open access books) but are cheap. As time marches forward, the MAA is working on tying these texts to WebWorks, so instructors will find it increasingly easy to use these books in well-supported ways in our classrooms.

What else lies on the horizon as the next century dawns?

Annalisa Crannell, Governor