EPaDel Spring 2016 Section Meeting

The spring 2016 meeting was held April 2, 2016 at Muhlenberg College.

Invited Speakers

Faculty Contributed Paper Session

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Student Contributed Paper Session

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Governor's Message

Section Governor, Annalisa Crannell, Franklin & Marshall College
January 2016

This—my very last Governor's report—has two parts:

  1. One easy way for you to make a big difference in the life of someone you admire,
  2. Updates on departmental memberships, social media, and MAA governance.

(Exciting stuff—woo-hoo for Governance!)

  1. You and a person you admire:
  2. You can make a difference. There are several MAA prizes and awards for which, not only do we welcome nominations, but even more, selections committees are not allowed to consider people for these awards unless those people have been nominated.

    Last year, there were no nominations for the Solow Author's Award, and so no authors won the prize, even though we all know there are many transformative books that have influenced undergraduates in mathematics.

    So think about mathematicians you know who are praise-worthy (and possibly prize-worthy, too).

  3. Updates on big MAA ventures.
  4. Departmental memberships seem to be a success! From the MAA membership department: “Althoug we have 70% of the number of departmental members we had last year, we have 4.7 times as many Student Members.” Signing up students seems to be quick, easy, and a great way to enhance students' extra-curricular mathematical experience.

    President Francis Su is pushing hard on effective use of social media (so much better than antisocial media)! Su is assembling a Social Media Task Force whose goal is to bring forth a report with recommendations by March. Ideas are welcome!

    The new governance structure (replacing a large, unwieldy Board of Governors with a lithe and agile Board of Directors) is moving forward with a new outline. Your next Governor will get to see a proposal with the details of this outline, and within that person's three-year term of service, you'll get to vote on By-Laws that will transition the MAA into a new organizational structure.

    Finally, there's good behind-the-scenes work happening at MAA headquarters. Currently MAA has 14 federal grants (total budget $12 million) and four privately funded programs (annual budget of $475,000). As a “for-example”, one of these grants funded the Common Vision report, a joint work with many other societies on issues and approaches to teaching collegiate mathematics. You can read an on-line version http://www.maa.org/sites/default/files/pdf/common-vision/common_vision_final.pdf. The MAA will be mailing copies out to all mathematics and statistics departments in the country early this year.

Respectfully submitted,
Annalisa Crannell