EPaDel Fall 2022 Section Meeting

Our Fall 2022 meeting was held November 5, 2022 at Penn State Berks, in Reading, PA.


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Invited Speakers

Image of Speaker Padraig McLoughlin (Kutztown University)
The Philosophy of Mathematical Discovery via the Moore Method

In this talk the speaker will discuss several key ideas that he opines underlie the Socratic method of instruction known as 'the Moore Method.' The speaker studied under the method throughout his undergraduate and graduate education and found it life-altering. He opines it is a way to approach learning that is student-centered and authentic. Hence, he employs a modified version of the method in his style of tutelage at all levels of instruction. The speaker shall begin with an overview of the philosophy of mathematical inquiry under the Moore Method; present a taxonomy of mathematical theory the speaker opines reflects such; and, conclude with a discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of the method.

Image of Speaker Della Dumbaugh (University of Richmond)
Expect the Unexpected: Pioneers who Promoted Women in Math and Science

How did a department store magnate and a playwright advance American mathematics and science---and women in these male dominated fields in particular? This talk will explore the lives of Caroline Bamberger Fuld and Clare Booth Luce as we examine the surprising range of personalities that influenced the development of mathematics and science in America in the twentieth century.

Image of Speaker Jana Gevertz (The College of New Jersey)
Mathematics takes clinical trials into the virtual realm

Over the last several decades, mathematical modeling has gained a more prominent role in our understanding of biological systems. Virtual clinical trials represent an exciting new application of mathematics in medicine. Whereas standard clinical trials depend on a relatively small number of volunteer patients, virtual clinical trials enable drug safety and efficacy to be studied on a large and diverse set of virtual patients. In this talk, I will introduce the field of virtual clinical trials, explain the foundational role mathematical modeling plays in these trials, and provide a detailed example of how virtual clinical trials can lead to valuable clinical insights.

Section Representative's Report

Slides from Linda McGuire's report are available here: Section Representative's Report

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