EPaDel Fall 2017 Section Meeting

The fall 2017 meeting of the EPaDel section of the MAA was held November 18, 2017 at Shippensburg University.

Invited Speakers


Faculty Contributed Paper Session

Faculty talk schedule (PDF)

Faculty talk abstracts (PDF)

Student Contributed Paper Session

Student talk schedule (PDF)

Student talk abstracts (PDF)

Student Activity

All Tangled Up: An Exploration In Knot Theory

Forget the fidget spinners! In this activity session, we'll be playing with the original fidget toy; Tangles! A Tangle is a collection of quarter-circle shaped plastic pieces that snap together. These toys are mathematical tools useful for studying knots. Through a sequence of questions, we will explore planar Tangles in search of patterns and properties. After playing with the Tangles and making conjectures, there will be time to discuss these conjectures.

Here are the solutions to the student activity.

Lunch Table Discussions

Lunch Discussion Topics (PDF)


The conference takes place in the Dauphin Humanities Center.

8:30 - 10:30Registration
DHC Lobby
8:30 - 3:45Silent Auction
DHC Lobby
8:30 - 9:05Light Breakfast Reception
DHC Lobby
9:05 - 9:15Welcoming Remarks
DHC 051
9:15 - 10:10Jackie Jensen-Vallin (Editor, MAA Focus)
Let's Get Knotty!
DHC 051
10:10 - 10:30Coffee Break
DHC Lobby
10:30 - 11:30Frank Morgan (Williams College)
The Most Efficient Tile of Space
DHC 051
11:30 - 12:50Lunch & Table Discussions
Reisner Dining Hall
12:50 - 1:45
Concurrent sessions
Workshop by Frank Morgan (Williams College)
The Most Efficient Tile of Space
DHC 051
Faculty Contributed Paper Sessions
Various Locations
Student Activity
DHC 151
1:45 - 2:35Student Contributed Paper Sessions
Various Locations
2:35 - 3:30Evelyn Lamb (freelance writer)
Visualizing Hyperbolic Geometry
DHC 051
3:30 - 3:35Section Officers Election
Section Awards Presentation
Business Meeting

DHC 051
3:35 - 3:45Group Photo
Outside DHC Lobby
3:45 - 4:15Reception & Silent Auction Winner Announcement
DHC Lobby