Thirty-Seventh Annual Meeting
Florida Section
The Mathematical Association of America

David Kerr, Bill Rush

Connie Ardiff
Graphic Design



Random Graphs and A Discrete Approach to Quantum Gravity
Patrick McDonald, New College of Florida


The Enjoyment of Elementary Geometry
Li Zhou, Polk Community College


Malfatti-Steiner Problem
I. A. Sakmar, University of South Florida


Zero: Much Ado About Nothing
Richard Tamburro, Daytona Beach Community College


Painting with Numbers: Visualization in Problem Solving
Leslie Aspinwall and Hasan Unal, Florida State University

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Author's Last Name, First Name. "Title of article in quotation marks". Proceedings:  Thirty-seventh Annual Meeting of the Florida Section of the Mathematical Association of America. David Kerr and Bill Rush eds. June 2004. Florida Section MAA. Date of access. <>

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