Resolutions - March 30, 2019

MARCH 30, 2019

Oyez, Oyez, Oyez, Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Hear Ye all, and gather round,

Whereas the Texas Section of the Mathematical Association of America has attained the venerable age of ninety-nine years (or, as the members like to proclaim it, three squared times 11 years), 99 – the atomic number of Einsteinium, also a number of years which can most curiously be expressed as \(2^3+3^3+4^3\), a number …, but I digress,

Whereas this meeting has been hosted with dignity, graciousness and honor by the faculty and staff and students of Tarleton State University, an institution founded in 1899 but showing no effects of such an advanced age, said personage did accord warm welcome in urban surroundings to an impressive assemblage of 160 undergraduate students, 18 graduate students, and 152 faculty for a total of 330 dedicated and mathematically oriented souls;

And whereas the extensive benevolence and boundless attention to details of Arrangements Chair Eileen Faulkenberry, assisted and supported by all the Tarleton faculty, staff, and students, has brought to life a magnificently partitioned program, conveniently located meeting rooms, various potable liquids, and copious amounts of comely comestibles, and never failed to notice and see to the small things which increased the comfort and enjoyment of all;

And whereas graduate assistants Hannah Grant and Edward Smith were most notable aiders and abettors of Dr. Faulkenberry as all labored to bring order and decorum to this celebrated assemblage,

And whereas the officers of the Section in the persons of Chair Clint Richardson, Chair-Elect Betseygail Rand, Secretary/Treasurer, David Hendricks, Section Representative to the MAA Congress Jackie Jensen-Vallin, Arrangements Chair-Elect Joe Iaia, Immediate Past Chair Theresa Martines, Webmaster and Service Award winner Brian Beavers, Student Activities Director Angie Brown, and Directors Andrea Spalding, Meri Hughes, Julie Sutton and John T. Sieben, have freely given us the pleasures of their society, the security of their judgment, and the light of their insight;

And whereas the section was blessed with students entertained by the magic of Jim Kirby, and said students creating their own magic with the newly minted math bowl, two activities which would not be part of our gathering save for the selfless dedication of Joey McMahan, Courtney Holland, John Robinett, and Ed Smith who in coordination with student activities director Angie Brown brought entertaining and enlightening activities to entertain and delight our students,

And whereas the Texas NExT Fellows were groomed, mentored and guided by Nick Long;

And whereas the members of this section were afforded ample opportunity for study through a short courses by Bus Jaco, formerly of that great Texas institution, Rice University, and currently Regents Professor at Oklahoma State which is located in the glorious region affectionately known as upper Texas;

And whereas on Thursday attention was given to topics critical and current through a symposium on Gerrymandering a.k.a “making geometry work for you,”

And whereas a student forum was presented by an esteemed colleague Brandi Stigler of SMU who posed the question “Is Math Really Everywhere?” Which prompted your resolutions committee to ponder, “Is there really π in the sky?”

And whereas the distinguished membership of this section was addressed in plenary session by Suzanne Doree from Augsburg University in Minnesota and member of the Board of Directors of the MAA. Suzanne did share her insight into “The curious case of 2s and 3s” which is the second curious case involving 2 and 3, in the former appearance these worthies being joined by their brother 4 and augmented by cubing to make 99, the year of the section, but I digress, … deal them dice and roll them cards Suzanne, and thanks for being with us,

And whereas Jane Long did further the work of that most worthy undertaking, “Math Circles,” circles within circles, circles for elementary students and math teacher’s circles, it’s all good and builds confidence, skill, and enthusiasm for mathematics, pi r squared Jane,

And whereas throughout our Friday, undergraduate students did present forty papers and members of their faculties and assembled graduate students did also present forty learned discourses on subjects long and small, wide and tall, not to mention the familiar sequence and series, algebra and analysis, topology and topography, but I digress,

And whereas a sumptuous apricot and goat cheese chicken banquet did provided food for the body and Dr. Ed Burger did provide us with food for thought by enjoining us to “Make Up Our Own Minds,” Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio: a fellow of infinite jest; of most excellent fancy. And whereas you may ask, “what the heck is Hamlet doing in our humble resolutions” I can only offer that in 2012 at El Centro College where Ed Burger did also address us post repast, the resolutions committee did include a Shakespeare quote, and one must consider carefully before breaking traditions,

And whereas the section recognized the outstanding teaching of Mark Tomforde, University of Houston, by naming him the Distinguished University Teacher, 2019;

And whereas the section did recognize the outstanding contribution of Brian Beavers, webmaster, by awarding him the Distinguished Service Award,

And whereas the section did recognize the outstanding Service to Students of Eileen Faulkenberry by awarding her the Service to Students Award, well deserved all,

And whereas on Saturday morning March 30 the sun did rise in all its spender, its brilliance rivaled by the 2018 Distinguished University Teacher, Dr. Bryant Wyatt, who did delight us with an address both entertaining and thought provoking, and whereas Bus Jaco and Eli Luberoff, further brightened our Saturday morning through invited addresses concerning “Three-manifolds”, and discussions of Desmos, a tool that empowers. In all instances these distinguished speakers have with discernment and acute penetration rendered complex ideas and their attendant subtleties accessible and interesting to each and every attendee;

And whereas section photog Angie Brown, did with click and strobe record these happy events for our future enjoyment,

So be it resolved and recorded for history that this section acknowledges the efforts and successes of these and others who have most diligently labored to bring forth these notable proceedings, and that these many mathematicians have happily and honorably and profitably invested their time this thirtieth day of March, 2019.

The 99nd annual meeting of the Texas Section of the Mathematical Association of America, is concluded. See you next year, the 100 year meeting, at the University of North Texas.

Safe travels,

Resolutions Committee
John T. Sieben, Chairman
March 30, 2019