Resolutions - April 16, 2005

Texas Section Mathematical Association of America
April 16, 2005

Whereas the members of the Texas Section of the Mathematical Association of America have braved the rigors of travel by train, plane, and automobile to assemble in Arlington Texas for the 85th annual section meeting, where they were graciously and most ably hosted by Minerva Cordero and an eager chorus of colleagues, Beverly Higbee, Cecelia Levings, Jenny McMillen, and Shelly Worley, all from that tower of learned discourse and haven of higher education – UT Arlington, which without exception made welcome all 176 faculty and 214 student members in attendance;

And whereas these members were given opportunity and encouragement to attend learned talks selected from fifty eight student papers and thirty three faculty contributed papers;

And whereas the officers of this section, in the persons of Chair Reza Abbasian, Chair Elect Kimberly Childs, Secretary/Treasurer Stuart Anderson, Governor Elizabeth Bator, Immediate past Chair Connie Yarema, Arrangements Chair Elect Mark Farris, and Directors Randal Hoppens, Dawn Slavens, Neal Brand, and James Epperson, have generously given of their time and considerable talents and intellectual gifts to assure a memorable meeting for our multitudinous members;

And whereas we have been inspired by the invited speakers: Carl Cowen who made the connections between mathematics and biology known to all, Martin Isaacs who enlightened us about dirty children and unfaithful husbands, Arlie Petters who focused our attention on dark matter and gravitational lenses, Cora Sadosky who shared with us reflections on mathematical applications and theories, all of whom, with enviable clarity of mind, have increased our appreciation of the power of mathematics to investigate our world and more over have, through their example, inspired us to return to our home institutions and share with our students complex ideas with unbounded enthusiasm;

And whereas we were most notably instructed in the Modified Moore Method at a workshop lead by Ted Mahavier which was attended by 53 members;

And whereas the MAA Book Table and the various publishers’ booths were most aptly and professionally maintained and promoted by Yancy Nunez;

And whereas 15 teams of our student members, who are the future of the MAA, have participated in the first ever Calculus Bowl, organized and supervised by James Epperson, D. L. Hawkins, and Hristo Kojuharov, and have been provided food, intellectual challenge, and social opportunity by the team lead and coordinated by Ron Barnes;

And whereas Italo Simonelli, 2004 recipient of the Texas Section Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics Award did present a distinguished address demonstrating the wisdom of the section in selecting professor Simonelli for this award, and whereas the section has selected John Quintanilla as the 2005 recipient of the afore mentioned award and all await his address in 2006;

And whereas seven members of the section participated in project NExT, amply led by Director Montie Monzingo, the same Montie Monzingo who led three members in the first ever ACCCESS session, a joint project of the MAA and AMATYC, both projects designed to assist new teachers of college and university mathematics;

And whereas Vince Schielack has been awarded the Distinguished Service Award, an honor earned by years and years of selfless service to the MAA and to myriad other organizations dedicated to the education of young people of the great state of Texas;

Whereas our friend, leader, and exemplar, Stuart Anderson, fueled by salsa and ice cream, has completed nine years as our secretary/treasurer, and has once again held this section together and pushed it onward and upward, as so ably stated by Jasper Adams while making a Special Recognition Award to Stuart, “you are the glue that holds together the Texas Section”;

Whereas Pamela Roberson, who serves at Stephen F. Austin State University, was awarded the first ever Distinguished Contribution to Students Award for her extraordinary work with mathematics students;

Whereas the afore mentioned Minerva Cordero and crew did most amply treat our palettes by filling our plates with palatable provisions;

And whereas all the above has been amply recorded by our resident photographer Jack Lamb, who, flushed with pride and a camera filled with fresh film, did focus and flash our friendly faces;

Be it resolved that this section proclaims gratitude and praise to all those, named and unnamed, who have contributed to this 85th annual meeting of the Texas Section of the Mathematical Association of America.  Let it further be resolved that this section continues to celebrate and honor the high profession of the teaching of mathematics and mathematical investigation, and finally, on this 16th day of April, 2005 be it resolved that we stand adjourned.

Resolutions Committee Co Chairs
John T. Sieben
Montie Monzingo