Resolutions - April 10, 1999

Texas Section of The MAA
April 10, 1999

Whereas the Texas Section of the Mathematical Association of America, having attained the significant age of seventy-nine years, has been hosted with dignity, honor, and consideration by the distinguished institution of Southwest Texas State University, now celebrating their centennial year by hosting a variety of events and conferences, including this 77th meeting of the Texas Section of The MAA for which were provided splendid facilities, a panorama of magnificent views, and careful attention to the needs of all participants, important and not so important;

And whereas the careful attention of Arrangements Chair Robert Northcutt, known hereafter as Bob, to thoughtful detail, including, but not limited to stealth and resourcefulness in locating the computer used to prepare this document as well as finesse in gaining authority for its application thereto, has arranged a splendid meeting environment including convenient parking space, handsomely appointed meeting rooms and sumptuous dining; ably assisted and supported by the Southwest Texas State University mathematics faculty, students and staff who invariably noticed the little things which increased the comfort and enjoyment of us all;

And whereas Brita Northcutt, affectionately known to Arrangements Chair Bob as “Honey”, has graciously and without complaint, attended all manner of matters in support of the work of her exceptionally appreciative husband, who undoubtedly will reward her with a splendid gift of her choosing;

And whereas the officers of the Section in the persons of Chair Vince Schielack, Chair-elect David Sanchez, the David Sanchez of San Antonio College, Secretary-Treasurer Stuart Anderson, Governor Montie G. Monzingo, Arrangements Chair-elect Efraim Armendariz, Immediate Past Chair William E. Hinds, and Directors Kenneth R. Stevenson, L. Dwayne Snider, Elizabeth Bator, and Nancy C. Ogden have led us with security of judgment from the bounty of their intellects and the light of their insight;

And whereas the speakers in the persons of Marcia Sward, outstanding representative of the national organization, Efriam Armendariz, distinguished teaching award recipient, Martin Golubitski, and Mel Slugbate, sponsored by his brother-in-law Colin Adams;

And whereas Roy Doerr and Dan Lee have ably represented Exhibits Coordinator E. Wesley Sanders, now cavorting with his wife in Spain, in arranging and supervising an attractive, and hopefully profitable MAA book exhibit and sale, as well as exhibits by representatives of other vendors who shared a margin of their bounty in funding refreshing refreshments at meeting breaks;
And whereas William Velez of the University of Arizona, Sister Barbara E. Reynolds of Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee and Gary A. Harris of Texas Tech have provided intellectual stimulation through workshops for those actually desirous of learning as well as the merely curious;

And whereas Gertrud Kraut has effectively nurtured the professional development of our young faculty through Project NeXT;

And whereas W.T. Guy, Jr. and Ron Barnes have been justly honored for their long and distinguished service in promoting and advancing mathematics in Texas;

And whereas Ron Barnes has provided for student participants food, both physical and intellectual, prizes, both practical and hypothetical, and fellowship, both male and female;

And whereas a host of section members and students have enlightened us all with contributed professional papers:

Be it therefore resolved and recorded for history on this tenth day of April nineteen-hundred-ninety-nine that the section has appropriately acknowledged the efforts and successes of these and others who have diligently labored these several days in order that participants shall have profitably invested their time.

Resolutions Committee
Glen Mattingly
John Ed Allen