Resolutions - April 1, 1995

APRIL 1, 1995

Whereas the Texas Section of the Mathematical Association of America has attained the venerable age of seventy-five years, and has been hosted with dignity, graciousness and honor by the elderly institution of Baylor University, which accorded accomplished labors, maturity of manners, and wholesome surroundings for all attendees of the section numbering over four-hundred and four members;

And whereas the extensive benevolence and boundless liberality of Arrangements Chair Howard Rolf has resulted in efficiently partitioned programs, conveniently placed meetings, and abundantly sumptuous dining; assisted and supported by Baylor faculty and students who endeavor invariably to the notice of little things which increase the comfort and enjoyment of all;

And whereas the officers of the Section in the persons of Chair Montie Monzingo, Chair-Elect Stuart Anderson, Secretary/Treasurer Charles Robinson, Governor John Ed Allen, Arrangements Chair-Elect Dalton Tarwater, Immediate Past Chair Vivian Dennis, and Directors David Sanchez, John Lamb, Jr., Efraim Armandariz and Mary Parker have given from the affluence of their intellects, the pleasures of their society, the security of their judgment, and the light of their insight;

And whereas the speakers, being Kenneth A. Ross, “The Mathematics of Card Shuffling,” Montie Monzingo, “Public Speaking 101,” Virginia M. Warfield, “Who’s Looking After the Twig-Benders,” and John H. Ewing, “Listening to Your Computer,” have with discernment and acute penetration rendered complex ideas and their attendant subtleties accessible and interesting to all;

And whereas Wesley Sanders has ably conceived, coordinated and conducted an attractive MAA Book exhibit accompanied by various publisher's booths;

And whereas Professors Ray Canon and Eugene Tidmore, “Teaching Calculus,” Virginia M. Warfield, “Interactive Teaching of Mathematics,” Ronald Morgan, “The Putnam Exam - Tough-Math is Fun!,” have provided workshops for those desirous of instruction, or for those of vagrant curiosity;

And whereas Professors Dale Bedgood, R. G. Dean, Charles Deeter, and John Lamb, Jr. have been justly honored for service to the Texas Section above the expected rank;

And whereas Professor R. G. Dean has lent plenteous scholarship, prodigious labors and unfeigned affection to the construction of “A Seventy-Five Year History of the Texas Section of the Mathematical Association of America, 1920-1995,” enriched with photographs by John Lamb, Jr., adorned, through the ubiquitous assistance of Charles Robinson, by handsome printing and binding, aided by the innumerable others who contributed information, ideas and folklore, and eagerly purchased by all faithful members of the section;

And whereas Professor Ron Barnes has provided food, both physical and intellectual, prizes, both practical and hypothetical, and fellowship, both male and female, for one-hundred and four student attendees;

Be it resolved and recorded for history that the section has not failed to fully acknowledge the efforts and successes of these and others how have most diligently labored to bring forth these happy proceedings, and that these many mathematicians have honorably and profitably invested their time this first day of April, 1995.

Resolutions Committee
Glen Mattingly
Stuart Anderson, Chairman