Resolutions - April 9, 1994

APRIL 9, 1994

Whereas the institution of Texas A&M University has supplied space, atmosphere and courtesy for the Texas Section of the Mathematical Association of America, thereby improving, reforming and favorably extending the opinions and attitudes of attendees, numbering precisely 317 members, toward this great institution;

And whereas the officers of the Section in the persons of Chair Vivian Dennis, Chair-Elect Montie Monzingo, Secretary/Treasurer Charles Robinson, Governor John Ed Allen, Arrangements Chair-Elect Howard Rolf, immediate Past Chair Rose Marie Smith, and Directors David Sanchez, John Lamb, Jr., who also serves as section photographer, Efraim Armandariz and John White have yielded generously of their time, purposefully of their actions, and judiciously of their wisdom;

And whereas Arrangements Chair James Boone of Texas A&M has labored forcefully, with judgment and zeal, to maximize conditions for comfort and minimize confusion among the delegation, arranged for speakers and talented assistants, maintaining patience during old aggie jokes, good-humor during current ones and by his good work diminished opportunity for future ones;

And whereas the speakers, being President of the MAA, Donald L. Kreider, "Roots of Recursion in Mathematics and Computer Science;" James R. Boone, it The Moise Plane -- My Favorite. Geometric Example;" Richard Ewing, "Mathematical Vision and Leaming Through Scientific Computation; " and Charles K. Chui, "Wavelets for Precise Time-Frequency Localization," have with well-expressed phrases augmented our understanding of timely and weighty ideas;

And whereas Wesley Sanders has added reputation and utility to the tradition of an attractive MAA Book exhibit accompanied by numerous publisher's booths;

And whereas Professors Bert K. Waits presenting "Enhancing the Teaching and Leaming of Calculus and Differential Equations with Graphing Calculators," with support from Texas Instruments, Inc.; Joe Lakey presenting "Wavelets Combining Gabor and Affine Structures;" Ewald Quak presenting "Introduction to Spline Wavelets," have provided workshops which educated and enlarged student attendance;

And whereas a capacity congregation of banquet attendees, welcomed succinctly and sincerely by Associate Provost, Dean of Faculties and mathematician, William Perry, have happily witnessed the presentation of well-deserved awards of Distinguished Service to James R. Boone and Distinguished Teaching to Montie Monzingo, eloquently presented by Charles Deter and Susie Shull, respectively;

And whereas the disposition of the MAA banner and pole have been properly discussed;

Be it resolved that the section proclaim gratitude and praise to all those named and to those clandestine laborers who furnished a successful assemblage and placed beyond the reach of reason the decision for adjournment this ninth day of April, 1994.

Resolutions Committee
Glen Mattingly
Stuart Anderson, Chairman