Resolutions - April 3, 1993

APRIL 3, 1993

Whereas the institutions of Abilene Christian University, Hardin-Simmons University and McMurry University have collaborated to provide commodious surroundings, cheerfully-delivered services and wholesome hospitality for the Texas Section of the Mathematical Association of America, attendees numbering over 250 of members, guests and admirers;

And whereas Arrangements Chair Bo Green of ACU with the joint support of neighbors Bill Dulin of McMurry University and Charles Robinson of Hardin-Simmons University, who excel each other not by their size nor seniority nor suit of hair, but by their desire and willingness and ability to serve their guests, have extended cordialities to the section, utilizing the modern and marvelous facilities of ACU, being assisted by their talented and somewhat obedient faculty, notably Dan Dawson who arranged speakers, and legions of eager student workers;

And whereas the officers of the Section in the persons of Chair Rose Marie Smith, unavoidably absent but ably represented by Chair-Elect Vivian Dennis, Secretary/Treasurer Charles Robinson, Governor John Ed Allen, Arrangements Chair-Elect James Boone, Immediate Past Chair Larry Heath, and Directors James Bolin, John Lamb, Jr., Efraim Armandariz and John White have provided leadership, avoiding any appearance of evil-doing;

And whereas the speakers, being Marcia Peterson Sward, Robert S. Doran, Ed Dubinski and Linda J. S. Allen, have enlightened us in a most masterful manner with knowledge and insight on “Moving to the Meta-Level,” “Some of My Student’s Favorite Things,” “Assessment and Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Curriculum Reform,” and Models of Epidemics,” while judiciously avoiding any mimicry, teasing, or tomfoolery directed toward distinguished Governors of the Section;

And whereas Wesley Sanders has coordinated an attractive MAA Book exhibit accompanied by eleven publisher's booths;

And whereas James C. Bradford and David K. Hughes have provided workshops on Maple to both paying and non-paying customers;

And whereas the Abilene Christian University Jazz Ensemble has rhythmically stimulated banquet attendees;

And whereas Professor Robert Greenwood has delighted the entire section with the revelation that he attended his first section meeting in 1939;

Be it resolved that the section declare gratitude and commendations to all those named and unnamed who labored and succeeded in producing a productive gathering and dismissal this day of April 3, 1993.

Resolutions Committee
Glen Mattingly
Stuart Anderson, Chairman