Summary of Section Meetings

The summary goes back to the very first meeting in 1937. This meeting was held in Las Cruces, NM and representatives from Arizona, New Mexico and Texas played an active role, a tradition that continues to this day. The second meeting in 1938 was held in Albuquerque, NM in conjunction with AAAS, AAUP, Society of American Foresters and American Society of Civil Engineers. The third meeting was held in 1939 in Alpine, Texas and this time it was held in conjunction with thirteen other organizations. The names of these institutions have changed but their support of the MAA has not.

In the first meeting at Las Cruces there were not only representatives from four-year colleges, but there was also a representative from a two-year college in Arizona. Two year colleges have played an active role in the annual meetings of the section. In 1975 Glendale Community College was the first Community College to host a section meeting.

Another important tradition that continues from the 1930•s is having joint meetings with other organizations. It is now common to contact NMMATYC, ArizMATYC, and SUnMaRC in planning out the annual conference.

This appendix contains an almost complete list of speakers for the section meetings, together with a listing of the individuals from the section who have taken leadership roles in organizing the section meetings or in helping to run the section. It is no coincidence that the recipients of the Meritorious Service Award figure prominently among the individuals listed below.

Total/MAA Members
1937 Apr 2-3 NMSU 34 / 13 R.K.Rees, NMSU W.C. Risselman, NAU J.B.Shaw, U of Illnois
1938 Apr 25-26 UNM 80 / 19 R.F.Graesser, UA W.C. Risselman, NAU A.J.Kempner, Pres MAA, U of Colorado
1939 May 2-3 SRSTC 25 / 11 R.S.Underwood, TTC H.D.Larsen, UNM L.V.Robinson, Amarillo College
1940 Apr 22-23 UA 40 / 13 J.W.Branson, NMSU H.D.Larsen, UNM C.V.Newsom, UNM, S.B.Talmadge, NMIMT
1941 Apr 28-29 TTC 75 / 18 E.J.Purcell, UA H.D.Larsen, UNM served as regional governor E.T.Bell, Cal Tech, past Pres MAA
1942 Apr 28 NMSU 26 / 11 R. Mackay, ENMU H.D.Larsen, UNM 1940-1942 C.V.Newsom, UNM
No Meetings 1943-1946
1947 Apr 4 UNM 25 / 14 E.A.Hazelwood, TTC H.D.Larsen, UNM R.S.Underwood, TTC W.M.Whyburn, TTC, past VP MAA
1948 May 3 NMHU 23 / R.F.Graesser, UA B.D.Roberts, NMHU R.S.Underwood, TTC
1949 Apr 29-30 NMSU 41 / 23 Earl Walden, NMSU B.D.Roberts, NMHU R.S.Underwood, TTC H.D.Huskey, UCLA
1950 Apr 29 NAU 36 / 23 E.J.Purcell, UA B.D.Roberts, NMHU Earl Walden, NMSU E.C.Slipher, Lowell Observ
1951 Mar 23-24 UNM 55 / 38 A.W.Boldyreff, UNM R.L.Westhafer, NMSU Earl Walden, NMSU B.W.Jones, Uf Colorado
1952 Apr 11-12 UA 40 / 26 Charles Wexler, ASU R.L.Westhafer, NMSU Earl Walden, NMSU Louis Brand, U of Cincinnati
1953 Jan 2-3 NMSU 50 / 30 J.H.Butchart, NAU R.L.Westhafer, NMSU R.F.Graesser, UA J.W.T.Youngs, U of Indiana
1954 Apr 16 ASU 40 / 27 M.S.Hendrkson, UNM R.L.Westhafer, NMSU R.F.Graesser, UA S.B.Nicholson, Palomar Observ
1955 Apr 8 UNM 53 / 34 D.L.Webb, UA W.W.Mitchell, PC R.F.Graesser, UA G.E.Forsythe, UCLA
1956 Apr 27-28 NMSU 76 / 31 R.L.Westhafer, NMSU W.W.Mitchell, PC M.S.Hendrickson, UNM S.M.Ulam, Los Almos Scientific Lab
1957 Apr 26-27 UA 60 / 39 R.B.Lyon, ASU W.W.Mitchell, PC M.S.Hendrickson, UNM H.R.J.Grosch, GE, Phoenix
1958 Apr 11-12 UNM 63 / 47 R. C. Hildner, Sandia Deonisie Trifan, UA M.S.Hendrickson, UNM J.W.McRae, Sandia, NM
1959 Apr 10-11 ASU 53 / 43 J.H.Butchart, NAU Deonisie Trifan, UA Charles Wexler, ASU R.H.Daus, UCLA
1960 Apr 29-30 HAFB 50 / 35 R.B.Crouch, NMSU Deonisie Trifan, UA Charles Wexler, ASU A.E.Taylor, UCLA
1961 Mar 17-18 UA 87 / 40 Harvey Cohn, UA G.L.Baldwin, NMSU Charles Wexler, ASU S.M.Ulam, Los Almos Scientific Lab
1962 May 11-12 UNM 82 / 62 I.I.Kolodner, UNM G.L.Baldwin, NMSU J.B.Giever, NMSU Jim Douglas, Rice Institute
1963 Apr 19 NAU 43 / 33 Deonisie Trifan, UA G.L.Baldwin, NMSU J.B.Giever, NMSU M.Milne-Thomson, R.H.Bing, S.Bergman, R.Bellman
1964 Apr 10-11 NMSU 79 / 53 E.A.Walker, NMSU E.L.Walter, NAU J.B.Giever, NMSU P.D.Lax, NYU
1965 Apr 2-3 ASU 72 / 53 E.D.Nering, ASU E.L.Walter, NAU Harvey Cohn, UA R.E.Bellman, RAND Corporation
1966 Apr 1-2 UNM 78 / 55 J.W.P.Mayer, UNM E.L.Walter, NAU Harvey Cohn, UA E.Dyer, I.N.Herstein, R.B.Crouch
1967 Mar 31 - Apr 1 UA 51 / 29 D.E.Myers, UA S.T.Kao, UNM Harvey Cohn, UA M.S.Klamkin, G.L.Thompson, G.S.Rogers
1968 Apr 12-13 NMSU 92 / 62 R.J.Wisner, NMSU S.T.Kao, UNM A.P.Hillman, UNM J.W.Jewett, Oklahoma State
1969 Apr 11-12 NAU 46 / 22 A.B.Gray, NAU S.T.Kao, UNM A.P.Hillman, UNM Helmut Rohrl, UCSD
1970 Mar 27-28 UTEP 65 / 46 J.E.Nymann, UTEP R.W.Ball, NMIMT A.P.Hillman, UNM Basil Gordon, UCLA
1971 Apr 2-3 ASU 74 / L.T.Smith, ASU R.W.Ball, NMIMT E.A.Walker, NMSU Albert Tucker, Princeton
1972 Mar 24-25 UNM 77 / 53 S.T.Kao, UNM R.W.Ball, NMIMT E.A.Walker, NMSU R.J.Wisner, NMSu, H. Cheng, NMSU
1973 Apr 13-14 UA 37 / 28 J.F.Foster, UA A.Swimmer, ASU E.A.Walker, NMSU R.A.Beaumont, UA, H.Mann, UA
1974 Apr 5-6 NMSU 49 / E.D.Gaughan,NMSU A.Swimmer, ASU E.L.Walter, NAU R.D.Anderson, LSU
1975 Apr 11-12 GCC 52 / 27 R.D.Meyer, NAU A.Swimmer, ASU E.L.Walter, NAU H.L.Alder, UC Davis, Pres elect MAA
1976 Apr 2-3 ENMU 39 / W.G.Calton, ENMU A.Swimmer, ASU E.L.Walter, NAU C.V.Newsom, Guggenheim Foundation
1977 Apr 22-23 PC 37 / 32 A.L.Seeglitz, GCC A.Swimmer, ASU J.E.Nymann, UTEP J.M.Thomas, Duke
1978 Mar 17-18 NMIMT 22 / 20 C.M.Dubbs, NMIMT A.Swimmer, ASU J.E.Nymann, UTEP Victor Klee, Univ of Washington
1979 Apr 6-7 UTEP 75 / 68 C.E.Hall, UTEP A. Swimmer, ASU R.W.Ball, NMIMT J.Brillhart, J.Goldstein, J.Selfridge
1980 Apr 25-26 NAU 44 / D.A.Bonnett, NAU A.Swimmer, ASU G.S.Rogers, NMSU L.Gillman, U of Texas, past Treasurer MAA
1981 Apr 3-4 NMSU 60 / D.G.Johnson, NMSU A.Swimmer, ASU G.S.Rogers, NMSU R.W.Anderson, R.R.Struik, J.J.Pederson
1982 Apr 2-3 UA / 71 William Y. Vélez, UA E.D.Gaughan, NMSU G.S.Rogers, NMSU R.Hersh, H.L.Alder, J.Brillhart
1983 Mar 25-26 NMIMT / 44 R.W.Ball, NMIMT E.D.Gaughan, NMSU A.B.Gray, NAU MarkKac, USC
1984 Apr 13-14 ASU 20 / A.Swimmer, ASU E.D.Gaughan, NMSU A.B.Gray, NAU D.J.Albers, Menlo; H.Rund, Capetown
1985 Apr 12-13 UA 117 /34 William Y. Vélez, UA E.D.Gaughan, NMSU A.B.Gray, NAU C.Reid, I.Niven, G.Brumfiel, G.Bergman
1986 Mar 7-8 UTEP 296 / 32 C.E.Hall, UTEP E.D.Gaughan,NMSU D.R.Arterburn, NMIMT P.Halmos & J.Pederson, U of Santa Clara
1987 Apr 3-4 UNM 78 / R.M.Grassl, UNM E.D.Gaughan, NMSU D.R.Arterburn, NMIMT L.Gillman, J.Moore, E.D.Gaughan
1988 Apr 22-23 NAU 88 / J.W.Hagood, NAU E.D.Gaughan, NMSU D.R.Arterburn, NMIMT J.Crosswhite, K.Ross, B.Madison, S.MacLane
1989 Apr 21-22 NMWU 33 / Roger Lutz, NMWU E.D.Gaughan, NMSU A.Swimmer, ASU L.Gillman, past pres MAA, U of Texas
1990 Mar 30-31 ASU 80 / A.Swimmer, ASU E.D.Gaughan, NMSU A.Swimmer, ASU R.Barnhill, ASU, D.J.Albers, Menlo Coll
1991 Apr 5-6 NMSU 58 / G.S.Rogers, NMSU E.D.Gaughan, NMSU A.Swimmer, ASU R.C.Shiflet, MSEB, S.P.Rodi, Austin Coll
1992 Apr 3-4 UA R.B.Thompson, UA Joanne V. Peeples, EPCC D.R.Arterburn, NMIMT L.C.Moore, Duke Univ
1993 Apr 16-17 NMIMT 40 / A.Sharples, NMIMT Joanne V. Peeples, EPCC D.R.Arterburn, NMIMT
1994 Apr 8-9 GCC 150 / Anne L. Dudley, GCC Joanne V. Peeples, EPCC D.R.Arterburn, NMIMT C.Pomerance, Polya Lecturer & M.Bays
1995 Apr 7-8 UTEP 59 / J.M.Gray, UTEP Joanne V. Peeples, EPCC R.B.Thompson, UA D.J.Albers, Assoc Exec Dir, MAA
1996 Apr 12-13 NAU / Janet M. McShane, NAU Joanne V. Peeples, EPCC R.B.Thompson, UA G.Andrews, Penn St; M.Moody, Harvey Mudd
1997 Apr 4-5 NMSUG / Sharon MacKendrick, NMSUG Joanne V. Peeples, EPCC R.B.Thompson, UA Jerry Porter, MAA Treasurer
1998 Apr 3-4 Pima Community College / Chalres Land, PCC Alan Sharples, NMIMT Joanne V. Peeples, EPCC Paul Zorn, St. Olaf College
1999 Apr 9-10 WNMSU / Adriene Dare WNMSU Alan Sharples, NMIMT Joanne V. Peeples, EPCC Ronald Graham, Polya Lecturer
2000 April 7-8 ASU / Mike Brilleslyper & Matt Isom, ASU Alan Sharples, NMIMT Joanne V. Peeples, EPCC Gerald Alexanderson, Santa Clara University & past President of MAA
2001 April 6-7 NMSU Las Cruces 52 / Ray Mines, NMSU Joanne V. Peeples, EPCC John Hagood, NAU
2002 April 6-7 Glendale CC (Glendale, AZ) 164 / 88 April Strom, GCC Joanne V. Peeples, EPCC John Hagood, NAU Tina Straley, MAA Speaker
2003 April 5-6 NMIMT 39 / Bill Stone, NMIMT Joanne V. Peeples, EPCC John Hagood, NAU Martha Siegel, Towson University
2004 April 2-3 NAU 81 / 41 John Hagood & Janet McShane, NAU Joanne V. Peeples, EPCC Bill Stone, NMIMT David Bressoud, Macalester College and MAA Pólya Lecture; Underwood Dudley, DePauw University
2005 April 1-2 UTEP / Hamide Dogan-Dunlap, UTEP Joanne V. Peeples, EPCC Bill Stone, NMIMT Annie & John Selden, NMSU; Bruce Palka, UT Austin and Editor of American Mathematical Monthly
2006 April 7-8 Four Points by Sheraton, Tucson (hosted by UA) 68 / 39 William Y. Vélez, UA Joanne V. Peeples, EPCC Bill Stone, NMIMT Lesley Ward, Harvey Mudd; Steve Dunbar, University of Nebraska
2007 April 13-14 UNM-Valencia 103 / 22 Mary Robinson, UNM-Valencia Joanne V. Peeples, EPCC Janet McShane, NAU Nancy Hagelgans, Ursinus College
2008 April 18-19 Crowne Plaza San Marcos Resort, Chandler, Arizona (hosted by ASU) / Michael Oehrtman & Terry Turner, ASU Joanne V. Peeples, EPCC Janet McShane, NAU Lowell Beineke, Purdue
2009 April 3-4 WNMU / Tom Gruszka, WNMU Joanne V. Peeples, EPCC Janet McShane, NAU Dan Teague, North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics; Lou Kauffman, University of Illinois at Chicago and MAA Pólya Lecturer
2010 April 9-10 Scottsdale CC (Scottsdale, AZ) 99 / Jenifer Bohart, SCC Joanne V. Peeples, EPCC Tom Gruszka, WNMU Betty Mayfield, Hood College; Pat McKeague, Math TV
2011 May 20-21 ENMU-Roswell 56 / Janet Macaluso, ENMU-Roswell Joanne V. Peeples, EPCC Tom Gruszka, WNMU Rick Gillman, Valparaiso University
2012 March 30-31 Pima Community College Downtown Campus, Tucson / Erin Militzer & Silvia Saccon, UA Joanne V. Peeples, EPCC Tom Gruszka, WNMU Phil Kutzko, University of Iowa; Steve Dunbar, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Omayra Ortega, Arizona State University, Rebecca McGraw, University of Arizona
2013 April 13–14 NMIMT / Bill Stone & Annette LaRussa, NMIMT Joanne V. Peeples, EPCC William Y. Vélez, UA Bob Devaney, Boston University and MAA President; Brigette Russell, New Mexico Higher Education Department
2014 April 4–5 Paradise Valley CC (Phoenix, AZ) / Scott Surgent (ASU), Stephen Nicoloff (PVCC) Joanne V. Peeples, EPCC William Y. Vélez, UA Jennifer Quinn, University of Washington; Anne Dudley and Laura Watkins, Glendale CC
2015 April 18–19 El Paso CC / Gabriel Camacho (EPCC) Joanne V. Peeples, EPCC William Y. Vélez, UA Pat McKeague, XYZ Textbooks; Rick Gillman, Valparaiso University