Section Awards

Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics

The Distinguished Teaching Award is given each year to an outstanding teacher who is a member of the Section. Winners then compete at the national level for the Deborah and Franklin Tepper Haimo Award. Members of this Section who went on to win the Haimo award are Deborah Hughes-Hallett in 2005 and David Pengelley in 2009. Past winners of the Section award are:

2014 Kien Lim University of Texas-El Paso
2013 Michelle Zandieh Arizona State University
2012 Terence R. Blows Northern Arizona University
2011 Hamide Dogan-Dunlap University of Texas-El Paso
2010 Larry Lesser University of Texas-El Paso
2009 Joanne Peeples El Paso Community College
2008 David Pengelley New Mexico State University
2007 Glenn Hurlbert Arizona State University
2006 Irene Bloom Arizona State University
2005 Art Duval University of Texas-El Paso
2004 Deborah Hughes-Hallett University of Arizona
2003 Janet McShane Northern Arizona University
2002 Phillip A. Leonard Arizona State University
2001 William D. Stone New Mexico Tech
2000 Julie De Pree University of New Mexico-Valencia
1999 John Hagood Northern Arizona University
1998 Fredrick Stevenson University of Arizona
1997 Anne Dudley Glendale Community College
1996 Richard Metzler University of New Mexico
1995 Bill Kaigh University of Texas-El Paso
1994 Steve Shew Glendale Community College
1993 David Pengelley New Mexico State University
1992 David Lovelock University of Arizona

Certificate for Meritorious Service

The MAA's Certificate for Meritorious Service is given on a rotating basis, with each Section allowed to nominate one person every five years. Past awardees in the Southwestern Section are:

2011 John Hagood
2006 William Yslas Vélez
2001 Joanne Peeples
1991 Alvin Swimmer
1986 Everett L. Walter