2011 Spring Meeting Photos

May 20–21, Eastern New Mexico University—Roswell

photo of early registration

Early registration and reception at the Fairfield Inn. Suzanne Hill is at the left, and conference chair Janet Macaluso is at right.

photo of Cengage table

Several math publishers were present, along with Texas Instruments and a table for MAA items.

photo of registration desk

The friendly ladies at the registration desk. Most events were in the Instructional Technology Center.

photo of afternoon break

Attendees taking a break after a long and exciting day of presentations.

photo of Pat Barrientos

Pat Barrientos showing how rabbits use mathematics.

photo of Joan Brown

Joan Brown (above) and Mary Beth Williams gave a talk on technology, that had to be moved to another room because the original room's technology was too inflexible.

photo of Melinda Camarillo

The conference theme was "Mathematics: Taking You to ∞ and Beyond", and appropriately Melinda Camarillo and Gabe Camacho talked about mathematical and philosophical aspects of infinity.

photo of Gabriel R. Camacho

Gabe Camacho making infinity fun.

photo of banquet

Waiting for the banquet to start. Meals and some sessions were in the Campus Union Building.

photo of Rick Gillman

Hardworking presenter Rick Gillman gave two keynote presentations.

(photos by Allen Stenger)