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MAA MathFest 2002 
Burlington, Vermont
August 1-3, 2002

James J. Tattersall, MAA Associate Secretary

The 80th summer meeting of the MAA will be held in Burlington, Vermont, August 1-3, 2002. Laslo Lovasz of Microsoft Research, will be the Hedrick Lecturer. Jim Lewis of the University of Nebraska will give the James R.C. Leitzel Lecture. The MAA invited addresses will be given by Alan Edleman of MIT, Robin Lock of St. Lawrence University, and Catherine Goldstein of CNRS-University of Paris Sud. Ison Herron of RPI will give the MAA-NAM David Blackwell Lecture. Annie Selden of Tennessee Technical University will give the AWM-MAA Invited Lecture, Colin Adams of Williams College will be the MAA Student Lecturer. Frank Morgan of Williams College will give the PME J. Sutherland Frame Lecture. Patti Fraser Lock will give the MAA Student Workshop Lecture. Ciprian Manolescu of Harvard University, the 2001 Morgan Prize winner, will speak on his research.

The MathFest will be preceded, July 30-31, by an MAA short course on the mathematics of cryptology organized by Carl Pomerance of Lucent Technologies, Bell Labs. Speakers include Daniel Bleichenbacher of Lucent Technologies, Bell Labs; Joe Silverman of Brown University and NTRU Cryptosystems; Mike Szydlo of RSA Security, Inc.; and Peter Winkler of Lucent Technologies, Bell Labs.

Also preceding the meeting will be Project NExT and a conference on research in undergraduate mathematics education sponsored by the MAA SIGMAA on RUME. There will also be a teaching workshop for graduate students and new faculty organized by Tom Rishel of the MAA.

The Opening Banquet will be emceed by Woody Dudley of DePauw University. Joe Gallian of the University of Minnesota at Duluth will be the featured speaker. The Silver and Gold Banquet, formerly the 25-Year Member Banquet, will be emceed by Frank Morgan. The main speaker will be Dick Anderson of LSU. A sunset dinner cruise on Lake Champlain will be offered, as well as a tour of Shelburne Museum, a PME banquet, an AWM reception, and a prize session.

The MathFest will include six minicourses and twelve contributed paper sessions, one of which will be a general contributed paper session organized by Tony Julianelle of the University of Vermont. There will be two invited paper sessions: Discrete Methods in Geometry, organized by Dan Archdeacon of the University of Vermont and Jo Ellis-Monaghan of St. Michael's College, and History of Mathematics, organized by Paul Wolfson of West Chester University and Roger Cooke of the University of Vermont.

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