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Section Bylaws

by Jenny McNulty

The bylaws of the PNW MAA section are currently under review. A committee has be appointed to examine the current bylaws and to recommend changes. The report from the committee will appear in the Spring Newsletter and any Proposed Revisions and/or amendments will be voted on at the Section meeting in June, 2002. This article is intended to explain the revision process as well as describe the current state of the PNW MAA bylaws.

What are Section Bylaws?

The MAA is structured into geographical regions (called Sections) in order to perform the functions of the MAA at the local level. Each Section has its own organization and government; details of which are set out in the bylaws of the Section. The MAA suggests the bylaws be reviewed at least every 5 years.

How are Bylaws Revised?

Proposed revisions and/or amendments to the bylaws of a Section must first be approved by the membership of the Section (typically at a section meeting). The document is then submitted to the Chair of the MAA Committee on Sections. If the document is consistent with the National bylaws and practices, it is then forwarded to the MAA Board of Governors. The proposed revisions and/or amendments become official upon approval by the MAA Board of Governors.

What is the background on the PNW MAA Bylaws?

In 1983, the bylaws of the PNW were approved by the Board of Governors and became the Section's official bylaws. The bylaws are posted on the Section web page (www.maa.org/pnw). In 1997, a proposed revision to these bylaws was presented. (These revisions reflected changes to the structure of the officers.) On June 21, 1997, the Section voted to accept these changes. In 2001, a committee was appointed to review the bylaws. In the review process, it was discovered that the 1997 changes are NOT considered official by the National MAA. Currently, the committee is working on revising the 1983 bylaws to include the 1997 revisions as well as other changes. A proposal will be presented to the Section in Spring, 2001. The committee welcomes comments and/or suggestions (e-mail to: mcnulty@selway.umt.edu). Thank you.


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