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Notes from the Chair

by Michael Boardman

The PNW-MAA is undergoing substantial change.  Several of the officers are new, including the chair and the newsletter editor. The newsletter is being redesigned.  We are considering changes to our bylaws.  And for the first time in recent history, we are seriously debating having a section meeting in
Alaska.  All of this work is happening with contributions from our many volunteers. From the officers of the section to those helping to plan upcoming section meetings to members of important committees, the section thrives because of the enthusiasm and support of these mathematicians. 

While I thank everyone who gives to the section, I would like to recognize the special contributions of a few individuals. 

Jenny McNulty, our past chair, left her mark on this organization.  One of Jenny's biggest accomplishments was to establish the Pacific Northwest Section Project NExT.  This support network has already become an indispensable resource for many early career faculty. Through her work, Jenny has encouraged numerous new faculty to actively participate in our section.  

Two relatively new faces to our section, Brian Gill and Nancy Neudauer, put on an excellent meeting last April.  Both these early-career faculty are active in other areas of the section as well: Brian as our new newsletter editor and Nancy as PNW-NExT co-coordinator and Distinguished Teaching Award committee member.

Finally our secretary/treasurer, Mary Ehlers, has had a long record of service to our section.  Since 1994, Mary has kept track of the section's finances and has been responsible for reporting everything from bylaws changes and annual section reports to year-end financial reports to the national office.

There are many other volunteers who work hard to make the section a valuable asset to this community.  Next time you hear about someone's work with the section, be sure to pat them on the back and offer your thanks for their volunteer contribution.   


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