Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics Julia Pevtsova, University of Washington

Julia Pevtsova is an enormously talented mathematician whose already large impact on mathematics education—within the University of Washington and beyond—continues to expand. What is most striking is the range of her activities, involving every level of mathematical learner from elementary school to PhD.

At the graduate level, Julia has revamped our first-year graduate algebra course and created a second-year course. She is also running a workshop at MSRI this semester to introduce women graduate students and recent PhD's to current topics of research in representation theory.

At the undergraduate level, she has created a problem-solving course (with a colleague) that attracts many of our best students, and complements it with a preparation program for students planning to participate in the Putnam competition. She has also had great success with our senior-level sequence in geometry for future secondary teachers.

But most astonishing is Julia’s K-12 outreach record. She set up a program for students at a local elementary school that focuses on hands-on exploration and discovery. She founded a Math Circle for middle school students, which she supplements with a spring series of monthly lectures for the students and their families and with a Math Olympiad. And, she helps Ron Irving run a summer residential program for high school students that he created 15 years ago, as well as teaching in it over several summers.

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