Recent & Upcoming Events

Information about the Annual PNW MAA Section Meeting is on the PNW MAA Meeting Page. Information about National MAA Meetings can be found at the National MAA Meeting Page.

There are two calendars here, one for Unique Events which list the actual dates of the meeting and another for Repeating Events which indicate the rough timing of these meetings.

There is also an RSS Feed for Unique Events if you prefer to get your news that way.

Unique Events

You can email the webmaster (link below) to place your event on the list. Information should include the event name, the website, the dates of the event, and its location. If you have a contact name and address, that will be included as well.

Repeating Events

If you wish to have a repeating event placed here, please email the webmaster (link below). You should provide a link to a URL that contains a schedule including location, date, and time of the events.

Probability Seminar
Information about the University of Washington Probability Seminar event can be found at the UW Probability Department website.
Combinatorial Potlatch
This event occurs once a year around November 1. More information can be found at the Combinatorial Potlatch Homepage.
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